Armor launches wax-resin ribbon for flat-head printers

Armor has announced the launch of APR 1, a competitive wax-resin ribbon for flat-head printers. It offers Armor partners an economical solution for price sensitive wax-resin applications where good performance and affordability are the key criteria in the product selection.

11 Nov 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

APR 1 is accessible to all Armor partners

Since Armor introduced thermal transfer ribbons in Europe in 1983, the company has developed the capacity to create ink ribbons based on a thorough evaluation of the market needs.

Over the last 18 months, Armor has been formulating a new ribbon that not only answers strict technical and performance specifications, but it also gives a whole new logic to the entire range.

APR 1 is accessible to all Armor partners and for those who selected the inkanto offering, then APR 1 comes with a lifetime guarantee, free cleaning wipe and individual certificate of conformity.

Armor has also introduced AXR 100, a new competitive resin ribbon dedicated to near-edge printers. AXR 100 is positioned as the access ribbon of the existing resin range which already comprises historical leading ribbons like AXR 600 and AXR 800/900.

APR 1 characteristics  

  • Competitive price  
  • A high-density black ink thanks to its two pigmented ink layers
  • A unique formulation giving a very good sharpness when printing
  • New ribbon generation made of 4µ PET film thickness reducing plastic waste by up to 12%
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