Arkitex Sublima helps newspaper houses achieve smooth production

Newspapers, through the years, have introduced processes and standards to optimise print quality both in terms of digital inputs and print reproduction. Consistency, ease and clarity in print hinges on lot many factors, of which Agfa’s Sublima screening plays a key role. Thanks to Agfa’s patented screening technology, Sublima achieves the highest levels of detail: 180-LPI with no extra effort on press.

08 Sep 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

The Ankitex Sublima screening has helped newspaper houses save on printing ink

The Ankitex Sublima screening has helped newspaper houses save on printing ink while adding to quality enhancement, especially at DB Corp and Jagran Prakashan.

The Arkitex Sublima screening technology has been developed by Agfa and is marketed and distributed by TechNova Imaging Systems in India. Arkitex Enhance Sublima lets the printing press hold a 1-99% dot at higher frequencies and thereby capturing the finest details while producing vibrant colours. Key benefits of Arkitex Enhance Sublima include improved print quality; no risk of costly re-prints by ensuring removal of subject moire; more paper types allowed and no additional labour costs or lengthy staff training required.

According to Dinesh Sharma, associate vice-president (group production head), DB Corp, as printing ink is a major cost in a newspaper production house, the company is now saving up to 5% on ink consumption by using the screening technology.

“We could eliminate moire patterns by using the software. Our printing quality has improved and our registration problems has ended. This was our main agenda to get cost benefits without getting any compromise of printing quality,” Sharma said.

He added that the company is tracking it on monthly basis because it has to justify ROI. “We don’t use 100% imported newsprint and have to balance the production. By using the technology, we can go up to 180lpi depending on the newsprint. As we go for higher lpi, printing ink consumption goes down,” he said, adding, “The best part  is that we don’t get any complaints from our advertisers.”

During the implementation of the technology, the newspaper passed the same image into AM screening and later into FM through Sublima. “We got good details in highlights and shadows, and mid-tones became smooth. Also, there’s no special requirement for additional hardware or software to run the Sublima, except Agfa RIP.”

DB Corp is using it for the last eight months at all its centres except Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Indore.

Vivek Bhatia, general manager, IT, Jagran Prakshan, said that the newspaper has been using the Artkitex Sublima technology for the last eight years. “We wanted to shift from AM to FM screening and found the technology to be appropriate. We are using the technology in all our centres in de-centralised mode. Being an integrated product, you need Agfa RIP to run it,” Bhatia said.

He added that its pre-scrambled screen is the biggest advantage, as moire pattern doesn’t pop up and screen/CTP calibration is not required. “Other advantages are qualitative and quantitative. We are getting consistent quality by using the technology,” he added.

He concluded that it’s a win-win situation for the newspaper in terms of quality production with consistency and economical investment.