Arjun Dewan: Availability of skilled workforce

As the year 2021, which has been particularly difficult for the industry, comes to a close, PrintWeek asked the printing and packaging fraternity to gaze at the proverbial crystal ball and predict what issue or trend is most likely to fundamentally shape Indian print/ packaging in 2022.

08 Dec 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Arjun Dewan, partner at Nandini Aakarshita

Arjun Dewan, partner at Nandini Aakarshita, says: I believe availability of skilled workforce will be the single biggest aspect that will shape the industry in 2022. At the base level, unskilled and semi-skilled workers are getting other opportunities, either by returning to their villages or taking up other entry level work. Traditionally operators learn on the job, the junior from the senior. As the base level gets eroded, the work force balance gets upturned. I see top quality machines not giving the desired output because the operators are not skilled enough. So, imagine the challenge when material rates continue rising, quotes go up in tandem and the desired output is not delivered because the workforce is not skilled enough to operate the machines.

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