Archroma launches its new Colour Atlas for polyester

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, has announced the launch of its new Colour Atlas by Archroma Polyester Library, with 1,440 colours for sportswear, athleisure, swimwear, children's clothing, shoes, fashion and home textiles.

11 Jun 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

In 2016, Archroma launched the Colour Atlas by Archroma, a unique tool dedicated to providing fashion designers and stylists with off-the-shelf colour inspiration for cotton that can be implemented in production with just a few clicks.

This original Colour Atlas Cotton Library now contains 4,320 colours, almost double compared to similar tools available to textile and fashion specialists, with options for purer ingredients and lighter resource usage for brands exploring more sustainable collections.

Building on this success, Archroma is now introducing a Colour Atlas library with 1,440 colours carefully selected in collaboration with fashion, sportswear and trend experts.