AR, VR can add to the food experience: Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, co-owner of the food channel FoodFood TV, believes that AR (augmented reality), ML (machine learning) and VR (virtual reality) have a major role to play in the food industry too.

11 Nov 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Kapoor was speaking at the launch of Sandeep Goyal’s book Future Shock

He said, “Tech interface is affecting us across all areas of life and I would say food won’t be any exception. Whether it’s ARI, ML, VR, I would say that depending on what the interface is and what’s needed, it will have an important role to play. I would especially say in the food industry AR and VR will add experience. If you look at a simple thing like a 3D movie, the feeling is more immersive versus watching a regular movie. Through the medium of content (audio/video) I would say if the sense of taste or is compromised then AR and VR would help in accentuating it through textures or forms.”   

Kapoor was speaking during a virtual event hosted by Sandeep Goyal, founder, Mogae Media, for the launch of his latest book, Future Shock.

He also spoke about the trend of home chefs that came up during the lockdown but stated that eating out at restaurants will resume soon as it’s a momentary pause and not a full stop.    

He said, “What the pandemic has done is that it has brought out a cook in everyone. I remember in the initial days there was a meme that was going around ‘lockdown matlab apne ander ke Sanjeev Kapoor ko bahar nikalna’. Everyone was cooking at home. Home cooking has become important. It was an art that was diminishing and it’s come back. A McKinsey report said by 2030 the rate of home kitchens de-growth would have been phenomenal. Now, that data will have to be revisited. In countries like India we wouldn’t have seen such de-growth (compared to the USA), but I would say that people have started cooking at home more and that’s a good sign. When we talk about the future and try making guesses, we are looking at things that have not happened. When it comes to food, the future lies in our past. There are many things that we would have lost, like home cooking.”   

He added, “People who wanted to cook things that they wanted in restaurants would look at recipe channels online. To cook those things they needed specialty appliances and cookware too. With respect to eating out, it’s been met by a pause button. Food is available at home too, but there’s a social need and that can happen more effectively outside. It won't happen today in a hurry, but it will come back.”    

(Source: Campaign India)