AR Packaging Halmstad buys Comexi slitter

Sweden-based AR Packaging Halmstad has installed a new Comexi slitting machine with the aim of increasing its productivity with the highest standard of quality.

03 Sep 2022 | By Abhay Avadhani

Comexi has announced the installation of its S1 DS slitter at AR Packaging Halmstad plant. The new kit joins other Comexi machines at the corrugated boards and flexible packaging specialist’s plant in Halmstad, which uses three types of Comexi machinery - flexo press machines with a central drum, slitters, and laminators. AR Packaging Halmstad purchased its first Comexi machine 30 years ago.

The new Comexi acquisition will allow AR Packaging Halmstad to add a large variety of products to its offering. “We are very pleased to expand our relationship with AR Packaging Halmstad, a company which has relied on Comexi's technology for many years. This new agreement between the two companies demonstrates that Comexi has the technical solutions which our clients need to advance regarding their day-to-day life and market consolidation,” said Ramon Jonama, manager for Comexi in Sweden.

AR Packaging Halmstad was founded in 1929 by Erik Akerlund and Ruben Rausing to reshape European pre-packed goods retailing. Today, the company's flexible packaging division is one of the leading providers of packaging solutions for the industries such as food and consumer goods, beauty and cosmetics, confectionery, food services, tobacco, as well as pharmaceutical and medical. Customers can get value through the company’s range of products and solutions for carton-based and flexible packaging.

The Halmstad plant specialises in producing flexible food packaging with unique barrier protection. "The Comexi slitter will allow AR Packaging Halmstad to increase its productivity with the highest quality standard," explains Ramon Jonama.

The Comexi S1 DS is a suitable slitter-rewinder for large-diameter reel jobs, and the company claims it can reach top speed without losing quality.

This slitter is equipped with a separate unwinder that can incorporate various automation systems such as knife and core positioning, automatic handling, reel pushers or auto-tapping to help operators during job changes when several slits have to be made. Among other options, the S1 DS can also incorporate end-of-line automation, from reel handling to palletising, including reel weighing, labeling, and bagging.