APL and Dhote Offset to look at future of LED UV today

APL Machinery, a company engaged in manufacturing and supply of UV coating and curing equipment, will host an LED UV Open House today at Dhote Offset Technokrafts’ plant in Goregaon in Mumbai. The Faridabad-based company show to be held between 5-7pm will give live demonstration of the LED systems.

22 Dec 2017 | By Noel D'Cunha

Abhishek Paul, director at APL, said, we are inviting the printers to bring along any substrate that they would want to test. “Printers can see the different between a conventional printing and LED UV printing,” he said.

The AMS LED UV XP9 installed at the end of Dhote’s Ryobi four-colour press is a 30-inch single lamp system. Among the benefit of LED UV, which Paul mentioned are: the ability it gives the printers to print on any substrate, use high-density inks, eliminating the need for powder, thereby saving time on press clean-ups, plus savings on energy. “We will show how printers can earn more by just adding one LED UV,” said Paul.

Dhote’s Ryobi is a 19x25inch press, however, the 30inch AMS system will also the company to fit it on a bigger press, should it bring one, said Paul. The system, however, is still a demo installation.