Anuj Bhargava: Pre-press has had a step-change in the past decade

Kumar Labels is a unique entity: It is a label printer, a machine manufacturer and a labelstock producer. The company’s sister concern, Hassle Free Technologies manufactures die-cutters among other things. The company has also developed a special labelstock technology.

13 Jul 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Anuj Bhargava, Kumar Labels, Greater Noida

"We can innovate frugally, continuously," says Anuj Bhargava of Kumar Labels, when asked about his company's success mantra.

Sharing his opinion on the biggest change in the capability of the flexo process since 2008, Bhargava says, "We used letterpress technology till 2012 because halftones were not
warm enough on flexo. Definitely, pre-press has had a step-change in the past decade."

Kumar Labels has patented its single release two faces (SRTF) technology, which is Bhargava’s first move towards sustainability, and smart labels. SRTF was developed with support from the Government of India.

Describing one of his most notable products, a whiskey label called Royal Envy, Bhargava says his team achieved very fine vignettes on a metallic base with fine screen printing.

However, during these tough times, he advises brands and product
managers to keep "more inventory, easy and faster-to-make packaging, multiple location based supply base, and steady cash flows".