Announcing five winners of the Sunday Column quiz

The Noel D’Cunha Sunday Column delivered to the mailboxes of PrintWeek subscribers every Sunday, has always been one of our most popular properties. And rightly so. Week after week, the column delivers industry insights and in-depth interviews with industry leaders as a way of sharing the latest developments in the industry.

13 Apr 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

With the industry in lockdown, this week (12 April), the Sunday Column presented a series of brain-teasers to share the knowledge of the country’s print history. We asked why Fort William in Calcutta was important for printing in India, we asked who Betab was (not the 1980s Bollywood film, but the Parsee-Hindustani playwright), we asked about typography and William Cary, and so on.

And we are happy to report that you all read the column.

At the end of the piece, we asked our readers a question: ‘What is the name of the first litho press which was established in Patna by an East India Company employee?’

And, we are happy to announce that we have not one or two, but five winners, all of whom came up with the correct answer.

The correct answer was, of course, the Behar Amateur Lithographic Press, established in 1826.

The following are the erudite winners, all of whom will receive a surprise gift.   

The winners of the Noel D’Cunha Sunday Column quiz:

  • Name: Chandrakant Gadhia
    Company name: Marks Emballage
    City: Chandigarh
  • Name: Manu Choudhury
    Company name: CDC Printers
    City: Kolkata
  • Name: Mit Paresh Shah
    Company name: Paper N Films International
    City: Mumbai
  • Name: Pankaj Shah
    Company name: Star Printers
    City: Mumbai
  • Name: Priya Singh
    Company name: Hachette India
    City: Gurgaon

Sunday Column: Test your knowledge of Indian print history during the lockdown!