Anand Limaye receives MMS Lifetime Achievement Award 2023

Anand Limaye, the man behind the 91-year-old India Printing Works, one who held key positions in the Mumbai Mudrak Sangh and All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP), a social worker researcher and philanthropist was honoured by the Mumbai Mudrak Sangh with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award (LTA) this year.

17 Apr 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

Limaye received the Lifetime Achievement Award 2023 for the impact he has had on the printing industry, and his achievements which continue to inspire future generations of the Indian print industry.

The LTA 2023 was held on 14 April 2023. Hon former governor of Uttar Pradesh, Ram Naik, the chief guest of the function conferred the LTA to Limaye. Speaking at the LTA function, Hon Naik said, “I have known Anand Limaye for the last 15 years, and Limaye has been instrumental in turning me into a writer.” Hon Naik shared his experiences of his long career as a politician and how he came about becoming a writer, which began with a column in Sakal newspaper.

Among others present at the LTA function were the former governor of Nagaland, Padmanabh Acharya, who was the guest of honour; Raveendra Joshi, president of AIFMP; and Prakash Canser, president of MMS.

Raveendra Joshi makes a stirring speech eulogising the achievements of Limaye, and how he inspired young printers like him. Often referring to Limaye as ‘Sir’ and his mentor, Joshi’s speech in Marathi underlined the significance and enduring contributions Limaye made to the Indian printing industry. “Every time there was a crisis, be it paper, dumping of plates, or creating awareness on education and training, Limaye used to be at the forefront, fighting it in the courts or the corridors of government departments,” Joshi said. He added,

Canser, president of MMS, in the opening speech, briefly spoke about the Roundtable conference, which preceded the LTA function. He added, “Since its inception, this Award ceremony has been held to mark the Printers’ Day Celebrations to honour the man of the millennium - Gutenberg. The last four luminaries to receive this award were Pranav Parikh, Uday Patel, Ramesh Kejriwal and CN Ashok, among many more down the years. Similarly, the distinguished speakers who have graced this occasion as chief guests were Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Gautam Thakoor, Deepak Ghaisas and Subhash Desai, among others.”

Limaye, too, spoke in Marathi. He said, “I am very overwhelmed with the love and honour extended to me. This year on 1 March, India Printing Works, established by my father, completed 91 years. During this period, we have seen many ups and downs and have been able to face those situations with strength. The most important factor for our success is our labour brothers, staff, clients and vendors. I am deeply grateful to this family. Starting with treadle and hot metal composing, the printing business has changed with the times today. We are surviving in this business because we have built the latest digital, offset and web printing systems in all three sections like pre-press, press and post-press, all under one roof.”

Limaye added, “It is indisputable that I could do whatever work I did because of the faith shown in me by my former colleagues and their cooperation. I do not count the work done for the printing sector in social work. Because I am also a printing professional, any discount received or received by the printing sector is bound to benefit my establishment and me. To do real social work, I work with like-minded people like my Rotary Club members or my school friends.”

The LTA function was hosted by Ramu Ramanathan, who, in his inimitable style, regaled the audience with anecdotes and instances – ranging from books to theatre, authors to stage artists, printing to publishing and of his acquaintance with Limaye. It was a reflection of the excellence, dedication and impact that Limaye had made over his lifetime, which will leave a lasting legacy for future generations.



Anand Limaye’s message

You all have lifted my image to such a height that it took almost two days to land again to put my feet back on earth. All my friends, even those not a part of MMS, relatives and stalwarts like Dr PS Ramani and Dr Neela Dabir appreciated the grandeur of the show and the meticulous planning. Proper care was taken of the two former governors while maintaining protocol. The flow of the show was appreciated too. Ramu wonderfully hosted the evening. The system of ‘speak about awardee’ was well received. Everyone appreciated Ravi, Shashi and especially advocate Prabhavalkar.

I am still receiving phone calls appreciating the return gift and categorically the Book of Ideas - the layout, presentation, printing and contents, which has my interview interspersed with photos and testimonials and one on the cover too.

Everyone spoke about teamwork and how all team members were attentive and alert to support.

It was also my pleasure to express gratitude to all those who were present at the LTA function.

Friends, I really don’t have enough words to express my gratitude. I am speechless. I can only say, कृतज्ञ मी, कृतार्थ मी.