Amit Shah says 2024 is the year of being unstoppable for print

In his welcome address, the BMPA president Amit Shah spoke about innovation to technology, and how the print industry must pay attention to the forces that will certainly shape our future.

18 Jan 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

Amit Shah: BMPA is spearheading innovation for a more sustainable future

BMPA's president Amit Shah said, India's moment has arrived due to high growth. He said, India's economic rocket continues to soar! With a robust GDP growth of 7.6% in Q3, S&P Global predicts a stellar 6.4% for the fiscal year ending March 2024. HSBC forecasts a dazzling 17.8% earnings growth in 2024, especially in sectors like banks, healthcare, and energy. Domestic participation is on the rise, with local investors dominating the small and mid-cap space. Shah alluded to the fact that as India heads into a big election year in 2024, optimism prevails for policy continuity. And from the fifth largest economy India shall become the third largest.

He extolled the audience to be attentive to technology advancements. He said, the print community must know more about India's advancements in AI, machine learning, and be a part of the new age technology revolution. He felt these technologies are altering the traditional forms of print. He said, passports will be a thing of the past and the documents will be replaced with retina scan. Likewise he anticipates a shift away from ink-on-paper for airline tickets and cash currency.

He said, the "force of economy" is so strong and overwhelming that it is imperative for the print community to innovate. He said, "We need a new plan to help businesses scale up, innovate and upskill workforces. This will help grow the print economy."

Next Amit Shah spoke about the success of India's China Plus One policy. He said, this is a "silver lining".  Many market pundits who are looking past the headline GDP numbers, say there are plenty of smaller, more granular datasets that allow analysts to check the math. And based on that, a realistic growth figure for China is probably closer to 1.5%. Shah said, this, plus India's global connectivity is a powerful tool in the hands of innovators. He said, "Borders are no longer a barrier. And Indian print and packaging can reach any corner of the planet."

Which is why, he said, the BMPA team has decided to call this year's Print Summit 2024 as "Unstoppable."

Shah spoke about the two curated panel discussions. These are: We will continue with the – Lead the Change Series – launched last year. In this series, we will be speaking to three companies that are being run by young leaders who have either spun off their businesses or received significant investments. There is a lot to learn from their hard work. One of BMPA's young leaders, Ankul Nanavaty, will host the panel discussion. Later Shah spoke about the women in print discussion which will be hosted by Iqbal Kherodawala aka ITK.

Amit Shah said, "With the likes of Roshan Abbas, Devdutt Patnaik, PC Musthafa, B Sumant, two panel discussions, and Boman Irani – the lineup is packed with powerful speakers. Our theme for the event is "Be unstoppable", and I'm confident that PS24 will be just that. I hope to see everyone who cares about this industry on 18 January 2024."

He concluded his welcome speech by saying, "BMPA is spearheading innovation for a more sustainable future for our customers and their operations."  Hear our experts explain why sustainability is crucial and how innovative designs are the future. Sit back and discover the progress underway."