Ambition invests in Kodak Flexcel NX

The Ahmedabad-based pre-press service providers invested in the Flexcel NX system to cater to its growing customer demand.

18 Nov 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Ambition Blocks, one of the leading pre-press service providers in Ahmedabad, has added a Kodak Flexcel NX System from Monotech Systems to its portfolio. The new investment by Ambition Blocks was to cater to the growing customer demand and replace its conventional systems with new digital systems.

Ambition Blocks was established in 2019, backed by the three partners Dewang Patel, Mitul Patel, and Jaimin Solanki, who has been in the industry for the last 25 years.

Dewang Patel, partner, Ambition Blocks, says, “We’ve been in the business since 2012 and serving the customers in the offset segment only. Considering the rising competition, shrinking market, and narrowed margins lead us to diversify our business and we moved to the packaging segment.”

According to Patel, starting Ambition Blocks was a strategic decision to diversify the business to a different segment – packaging. “We started with a conventional platemaking and finishing set-up. With that set-up, we were doing approximately 13 boxes of different sizes and thicknesses of flexo plate production monthly,” he adds.

However, Patel says that the company was not able to serve the customers who were quality conscious. “This forced us to rethink what we needed to continue driving our business forward. We evaluated all the options for flexo CTP available in the market, but Kodak Flexcel NX proved to be the best business decision for us,” says Patel.

“For our customers, Flexcel NX plates offer a big advantage when it comes to on-press performance and print quality, while the ease of use, consistency and improved plate making efficiency is a huge bonus for us,” he adds.

Ambition Blocks has been producing Kodak Flexcel NX plates primarily for its wide web flexo customers and the technology has demonstrated benefits that extend across a wide variety of packaging applications and market sectors. They have approximately 95 customers from different segments of packaging such as pharma, food, FMCG and others from Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh.

Patel is confident that with the Kodak Flexcel NX systems, the company is set to deliver wide and consistent quality plates to various printers and brands on time, as it continues expanding its customer base and delivering innovative solutions.

“It has now been easier for us to get the job from the market as Kodak Flexcel NX is known in the market for its quality. Our plate production has reached to approximately 18 boxes of different plate sizes and thicknesses per month and we have a target to upscale the production up to 30 boxes per month within the next three months,” Patel explains.

Ambition Blocks is also planning to revamp its entire set-up in digital and buying Kodak Flexcel NX was the first step towards that direction.

“Eventually, we are going to upgrade our entire system to digital from conventional. In today’s era of competition, this is also a tough task to decide to select a company that can become your best technology partner when it comes to product and after-sales support. Our association with Monotech Systems has been extremely satisfactory,” Patel concludes.