Amazon India launches Storyboxes

During the recent Amazon’s Great Indian Festival, Amazon India introduced Storyboxes – Boxes that share the success stories of small and medium businesses, who have grown using the eCommerce platform.

26 Oct 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

The Storyboxes enables customers to scan the seller face illustrations

With the innovative packaging launch, Amazon aims to acknowledge its sellers and help them having a better connection with customers. Gopal Pillai, vice president, seller services, Amazon India, said, “Sellers are a key part of the Amazon flywheel. We have over 5 lakh small businesses, artisans, women entrepreneurs, and emerging brands selling on our marketplace and every Amazon seller has a unique story behind their success. With Storyboxes, we wanted to bring these stories to life.

The Storyboxes comprise of an interactive feature that enables customers to scan the seller face illustrations (created from QR code elements) on the box. The scan directs the customers to a microsite ( that hosts more stories. The microsite also hosts a contest for customers who have received Storyboxes in the festive season.

The campaign idea #IAmAmazon was derived from the thought that the customers are keen on knowing what’s inside the delivered box but are mostly unaware of who is behind these boxes.

“We have showcased six seller stories on our boxes till now, and we will soon be scaling this initiative up to bring many more such stories to you. We hope that this initiative will help customers get a glimpse of how they are an integral part of the transformation journeys of lakhs of sellers on,” he added.

The six seller stories include Rani Ravindran (Ravindran Silk Cotton), Biswajit Swain (Haastika), Vijaya Rajan (Sirimiri), Ibanshara Shullai (Zizira), Abdul Gafoor Khatri (Traditional Roganart), and Ashwin Sokke (Wow Skin Science).

Amazon India claims that it has over half a million sellers on its marketplace and the Amazon box is one of the most widely distributed and recognisable brand asset for its sellers and customers. With Amazon Storyboxes, the company intends customers to meet sellers with every delivery.