Alpna introduces UV system for narrow-web

The narrow-web segment, which is primarily dominated by label printing, is one of the fasted growing markets in India. Over the last 10 years, the narrow-web domain has witnessed huge technological advancement which resulted in excellent print quality. Keeping this in mind, Alpna Visual Packaging Aids decided to make inroads into the segment with a new product, the X-Cure UV system for narrow-web presses.

05 Jun 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

The X-Cure UV system for narrow-web presses

Alpna so has been offering solutions to the sheetfed industry and over the past two decades, it has established itself as a reliable partner in UV and LED printing and UV Coating systems.

Debashish Dutta of Alpna Visual Packaging Aids, said, “We wish to carry our endeavour with equal passion towards quality and reliability in the narrow-web domain.”

Dutta said the company sees a huge opportunity in the narrow-web segment, as OEMs can be its customers, be it domestic or international. 

“All narrow-web printers that are currently using mercury UV lamp heads for UV printing can shift to LED curing solutions. This will help them to become energy efficient, save power consumption by at least 40-50%, and make the pressroom condition more human-friendly,” Dutta said. “The printers who are currently having machines, running with WB base inks can be upgraded to UV or LED curing system through our retrofitted cassettes solution.”

He said Alpna’s experience in sheetfed offset will be a huge advantage to cater to the narrow-web market. “We have technology, reliable sourcing partners, and a trained team to support the industry. Alpna has been the Pioneer in offline drip-off technology for the offset domain. This was achieved through our relentless effort to drive innovation. Thus, adding value to printing and print finish has been our main driver, we wish to bring innovations to the narrow-web industry too once we enter this segment,” Dutta added.

The company’s target for 2023-24 is to establish the M-Cure UV System in the narrow-web segment, and partner in developments and innovations with all the major narrow-web label printers in India and across the world.  

Dutta said Alpna believes in offering solutions to customers be it offline drip UV coating, retrofitted UV and LED cassettes, offline versatile coating, and so on. “For narrow-web customers also, we are coming up with wonderful solutions backed up by strong technology and local service,” he said, adding, “In today’s world, when everybody is talking about sustainability, Alpna’s products are energy efficient which supports the concept of sustainability. Plus, all Alpna products are designed to deliver high-level energy efficiency thereby helping the converters save power by at least 25-30%.”