Alpna hosts a seminar on UV, LED in Dhaka

Alpna Visual Packaging Aids recently organised a seminar titled, Innovative solutions for UV and LED printing and UV coating in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The event was attended by more than 115 printers from segments such as offset, folded cartons and labels.

05 Jul 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

In Bangladesh, printers and packaging converters are looking for innovative packaging solutions

With a population of approximately 17 crore and a GDP growth of nearly 7%, Bangladesh is emerging as a strong economy among Asian countries. In the last decade, not only has the currency become stronger, but a strong middle-income group has emerged, giving a strong push to consumerism. With growing consumerism and brand awareness, demand for high-end packaging is growing big in Dhaka, Chittagong, and other major cities in Bangladesh.

“This is one of the reasons why we decided to host the seminar in Dhaka,” Debashish Dutta of Alpna Visual Packaging Aids said.

He added, “Also, Bangladesh is one of the largest exporters of garments in the world, and the demand for luxury packaging is increasing. Many printers and packaging converters are looking for innovative packaging solutions like drip-off, matt-gloss coating, spot coating, metPET printing, etc. So, the demand for UV printing machines and offline coaters is growing in Bangladesh.”

So far, the company has installed 15 machines in Dhaka and Chittagong. “A good number of packaging customers have shown interest in Alpna’s equipment for UV and LED printing,” Dutta said. 

At the event, the company discussed topics such as UV printing on metalized boards; inline and offline drip-off coating; retrofitted UV machines with mercury and LED lamps; matt-gloss combination spot coating; blister medium, barrier coating, soft touch coating; safety features and aspects in mercury, radiation curing; and future of LED UV printing, benefits over mercury UV systems.

The company showcased its products at the event, including M Cure UV and LED interdeck system for offset processes; X Cure UV and LED system for narrow web machines; Rhino Dexa-Twin deck coater (one-stop solution for all offline coating); L Cure smart coat kit and Eagle Coater versatile offline coating machine.

“It was an excellent initiative by Alpna. The seminar was informative and helpful. I enjoyed being part of the show,” Sandipan Dey, chief operating officer, Step Media, Dhaka, said.

Mohammed Jasmin Uddin of Transcraft, Dhaka, added, “Recently I purchased an offline coater from Alpna. This is my second installation. Alpna machines are durable and give consistent performance.”