Alois Graphics buys ThermoStar T9 to get more out of its Komori

Kottayam, Kerala-based Alois Graphics has invested in a ThermoStar T9 CTP device to set up its in-house pre-press. Aniyan K Moses of Alois Graphics said the company decided to invest in a new CTP for improving quality and reducing the turnaround time.

12 Dec 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

The ThermoStar T9 at Alois Graphics

“Previously, we were taking plates from service bureaus, but it was taking time and we did not want to waste time with the installation of our new Komori machine. We realised that a new CTP was required to get the best out of our new four-colour machine,” he said, adding, “TechNova has been associated with us from the beginning of our journey. We purchased our first machine from TechNova 25 years back. TechNova installed the kit within five days of order confirmation.

Alois Graphics started with an AB Dick Mini offset machine imported from USA in 1995. In 2000, the company upgraded to an offset printing machine. Later in 2005, it moved to its own premises and upgraded with a double demy machine. After that it purchased one more offset machine.

“This year is very special to us. We have upgraded our production capacity with the installation of a new Komori four-colour. Also for pre-press, we have installed a new TechNova ThermoStar T9 CTP and processor. Apart from this, we have also installed Agfa V11 Apogee pre-press software for ensuring smooth pre-press activities,” Moses said.

Over the years, the company has won many accolades including the National Award for Print Quality at NAEP.

The company is into commercial printing, focusing mainly on magazines, books, posters, etc. Aniyan K Moses, the proprietor, is supported by his elder son, Moses K Aniyan. He takes care of operational activities.

On the demand for digital printing plates, Moses said since colour printing has become affordable to all, people prefer more of multicolour. So there is an increasing demand for printing plates. “The challenges would be the availability and management of inventory. Everybody wants to keep their side inventory as low as possible but at the same time we need to manage the changing trends in printing patterns. Optimising the inventory at our side and dealer side is a big challenge in this volatile industry,” he explained.

About technology adoption, he added, “We followed the traditional pre-press workflows. But when it became a necessity, we jumped into digital and now within weeks we are able to see the increase in productivity, quality and better turnaround time.”

He said the major improvement after the installation of the ThermoStar T9 was the delivery schedules. “Now, a customer can collect his work by the time he has a cup of tea with us. That’s the level of turnaround we have brought with the help of Apogee pre-press workflow solutions, ThermoStar T9 CTP and the Komori four-colour machine. Customers are satisfied with the quality and turnaround time.”

With the new installation, Moses is expecting to reduce its cost and increase operating margin. “If printing comes back to normal post-Coronavirus, we would be able to get the investment back in three-four years,” he concluded.