All India Paper Day celebrations on 1 August

The Federation of Paper Traders' Association (FPTA) of India is aiming at a year-long campaign which will culminate with Paper Day on 1 August. A press note said, "To achieve our goal of a National Paper Day, we need to involve all the stakeholders in the Paper industry. Paper manufacturers, Paper traders and paper converters who can join hands to reach-out to civic society and create awareness about the benefits of paper and its impact on the environment."

10 Feb 2019 | By Sriraam Selvam

The FPTA aims to contact exercise book manufacturers for printing awareness and Paper Day slogans on the back cover of exercise copies. This means 28 associations will be given targets like 10 million exercise books to be printed with this matter.

Creating a robust Paper Day website and social media campaign, For this purpose, the FPTA team is in talks with a pro-paper international body called Two Sides. FPTA is creating a template which targets millennials and youth in the 21st century.

FPTA and the local associations will arrange paper mill visits for school children. Also, it would include visits to waste paper units so that they can know how the paper industry is recycling and re-using its paper.

Last year's Paper day saw the "Customised My Stamp” by the Postal Department being released with the FPTA image, Paper Day logo and the announcement of 1 August as Paper Day.