Aligarh’s Color Vision buys Ricoh

Aligarh-based Color Vision started its printing journey with a new Ricoh Pro C7200x. The machine was supplied and installed by Monotech Systems.

01 Mar 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Dharmendra Gupta with Ricoh Pro C7200x

Established in the later part of 2023, Color Vision is a whole new venture of three business partners — Dharmendra Gupta, Amit Agarwal, and Sharad Sharma. 

“Color Vision is an offshoot of our prolonged experience in the printing industry and profound understanding of the market trends and traditions. Our objective of opening Color Vision is to deliver commercial prints in unconventional quality for which the Ricoh Pro C7200x is a justifiable machine,” Gupta said. 

“There are quite a few commercial printers mushrooming around Aligarh and its surrounding areas in Uttar Pradesh. However, when it comes to delivering unconventional high-quality prints, only a few could do it so. So, we, at Color Vision, have a vision to meet this requirement utilising the prowess of Ricoh Pro C7200x, a sole workhorse now running productively and flexibly in our production setup,” says Gupta, adding that they are quite fulfilled with the machine’s flexibility, productivity, and the overall outputs. 

Capable of running at the speed of 95-ppm, the Ricoh Pro C7200x is compatible with a broad range of media, both lightweight and heavyweight, up to 360-gsm for delivering graphic prints in maximum resolution of 2400×4800-dpi. For the longer run, this colour digital production press has an expansive maximum paper capacity of 16,200 sheets. “Such capacity, proficiency, and many other features of RICOH Pro C7200x make it the machine we have ever sought after,” Gupta said.

On choosing the Ricoh Pro C7200x over other presses, Gupta said, “Being a hardcore admirer of Ricoh technology for years, there is no doubt for us to choose this digital production press for our new business venture. I have had a long and trustful connectivity with Ricoh technology. I started using the technology in other business establishments in the early 1990s. Since then I have been smitten by the technology’s productive and flexible nature.”

He added, “After all, we are privileged to have been partnered with Monotech Systems which, in addition to this versatile and productive Ricoh Pro C7200x, supports us with unconditional after-sales service. In this respect, we are looking ahead to magnifying our activities of delivering the best quality prints to our customers who are predominantly a host of print shops who come to us for job works. We see satisfaction in them with what all Ricoh Pro C7200x delivers. This is what we intended to do so when we decided to invest in the Ricoh press.”

With a team of half a dozen well-experienced staff, Color Vision is currently working for customers in Uttar Pradesh only. “As of now, our customer base covers only Aligarh city as well as some other cities and towns of Uttar Pradesh. However, we will be chalking out a plan to expand our footprints beyond Uttar Pradesh in future, adding more new machines which are as good and capable as Ricoh Pro C7200x,” Gupta concluded.