AIM begins print campaign to highlight magazine readership growth

Following the whooping 95% growth in total magazine readership over three years, according to the IRS reports, the Association of Indian Magazines (AIM) has come up with a print campaign to highlight this growth.

23 May 2018 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

The idea behind the advertisement campaign is to underline the findings of IRS 2017, which has given a thumbs up to magazine media segment.

The association has released six creatives are aimed to hammer the growth of magazine readership from 40 million in IRS 2014  to 78 million in IRS 2017, which is a whopping 95% increase.

According to the AIM sources, the second leg of campaign would target the other finer aspects of the survey.

The creative designs have been executed by Bang in the Middle Advertising. This entire campaign is targeted at creating a buzz around magazines and is being helmed by AIM on behalf of the magazine fraternity. (courtesy AIM website)