AIFMP’s Going Global to be a monthly feature

Going Global will be a monthly presentation, which will focus on encapsulating the changes and trends in print and packaging.

01 Feb 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

Manoj Mehta, chairman, International Relations, AIFMP

Manoj Mehta, chairman, International Relations, AIFMP will be hosting the presentation, which was started on 25 December 2020.

Reflecting on the current scenario of print and packaging, Mehta told PrintWeek, “It always begins with the unthinkable, then moves on to acceptance and finally becomes a new normal. Just look at the way the coronavirus has changed lives worldwide. And that includes the way we print and packaging experts communicate, network and explore new business opportunities.”

Highlighting Drupa’s shift to virtual (or hybrid) exhibitions, Mehta said that the global expo for print technologies has turned challenges into opportunities. “Virtual Drupa 2021 is encouraging worldwide print businesses in a manner that we never, ever imagined,” he added.

Speaking about the monthly virtual presentation, Mehta said: “This virtual presentation endeavours to bring our fellow printers closer to a spectrum of print, packaging and communication related subjects. The first edition of this virtual presentation received positive reviews from the who’s who of the print community.

“I am happy to announce that Going Global is now going to be a monthly feature. I am certain that these times of global digitalisation, this virtual platform will enable members to update themselves to the latest industry happenings, upgrade with the most competent technologies and elevate their businesses to greater altitudes.”

Few trends to look for

Manoj Mehta of AIFMP mentioned that despite the impact of pandemic, new trends are set to continue emerging as the print industry transits to the digital workplace, across the world. He highlighted some key trends to look for in the second half of 2021.

  • Smart multi-function printing (MFP) presses that automate digital workflow are on their way up. A 2019 MPS study from Quocirca revealed that over three quarters of companies using managed print services (MPS) report that MFP smart functions are valuable. To effectively capitalise on this, manufacturers need to promote the value of these apps to existing clients and prospects alike.
  • The cloud has gained widespread acceptance among printing businesses. Its advantages include delivering extra capacity on-demand, increased availability levels, a comprehensive digital ecosystem and affordable storage. Hence, more companies are adopting a cloud-based model.
  • Starting 2020 and onwards, manufacturers will require flourishing developer ecosystems to succeed. While more and more manufacturers are setting-up platforms for embedded MFP apps, only a few have established a wider community of developers. However HP Workpath is set to make strides towards the introduction of bespoke apps to facilitate digital workflows for complex print requirements.
  • Next-gen printing establishments are demanding greater insight into their operations via real-time data. Manufacturers can access a range of information about their clients, networks and products. Obviously, they need to look past conventional print infrastructure data to meet this demand, and determine how to incorporate detailed analytics into new services that deliver real-world value to companies. Data visualisation and predictive analytics will define future offerings.
  • The market for managed security services is speculated to expand among all sectors, fuelled by the scarcity of cyber-security experts and the increased risks that come from using hybrid cloud environments. Print suppliers who can effectively provide diverse security products such as security insights and remote tracking to address problems across assorted platforms, will win clients over.


Key takeaways from the presentation

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way print and packaging works, with added intervention of artificial intelligence and automation.
  • Digitalisation will play an important role and bring new opportunities.
  • Artificial intelligence has become a necessity.
  • Augmented reality is the next big step that’s being taken by companies to enhance brand experience.
  • According to Memjet, there will be a rise in market opportunities, packaging – especially flexible packaging and labelling.
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