AIFMP to host export seminar on 19 March

The All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) will host a webinar on 19 March to talk about export promotion for print firms and packaging converters and how the industry can make the sector more competitive plus take advantage of schemes like the Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) which has been rolled out by the government to boost production, manufacturing and export.

08 Mar 2022 | By Charmiane Alexander

'Print Exports: Game-Changer for your Business?' webinar on 19 March

The webinar on 19 March is titled as Print Exports: Game-Changer for your Business?. The speakers are P Chander, president of the AIFMP; Satish Malhotra, and Manoj Mehta, the past presidents of AIFMP. In addition there are: Nilesh Dhankani of Quarterfold Printabilities and Ajit Shah who is a noted export consultant. The webinar will be moderated by Prof Lakshmi Priya of Avinashilingam University.  

Manoj Mehta, the chairman of the export promotion at the AIFMP highlighted the importance of the session. He said, "The PLI scheme plus four other schemes are a game-changer and will benefit the print and packaging industries in the domestic and also the export market. Mehta mentioned how the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said the PLI scheme will boost manufacturing and exports. During a public lecture, the FM said, "There is not an iota of doubt that PLI’s are an innovative idea that can reduce India’s trade deficit at the same time can boost manufacturing and exports."

Mehta shared some tips for exporters and aspiring exporters. He said, Avoid complicating it for the customer: While customers are open to making purchases from across the border, they expect a seamless purchase and delivery experience. Do not pull them into the complexities of the export ecosystem.

Mehta added, Do not make commitments you can’t keep. He said, "Do not assure your customers of unrealistic timelines in shipment deliveries. Customers do not have an overview of the total process. It is best advised to keep them updated during the course of the shipping process through real time tracking so that they are clear about their shipment’s status. He also said, "Do not be on the wrong side of the law: Exporting without permits or against the law can result in confiscation or more serious consequences on the business and entrepreneur. So, do not export prohibited items that you do not have the license to export."

Mehta mentioned the webinar will be useful, especially in this day and age when "ignorance is not bliss" Mehta said, "Do not overlook import controls that might exist in markets that you are shipping your products to. Failure to do so will lead to denial of entry into the destination market, resulting in the shipment being seized or even subjected to financial penalties." Mehta said many people tend to generalise, and one must refrain from doing so. He explained, "Avoid viewing the destination country as one market. For example, exporters often see the USA as one market when it is instead made up of several markets that might have different state and city laws and regulations with regard to shipments entering."

Mehta said the webinar should be attended by "at least 500 delegates". He said, "Many people in the industry understand that over time with technology, we have seen a shift in the subtle as well as not—so subtle ways of how the world moves towards globalised modes so that international trade becomes more rewarding — both in view of profits and customer satisfaction."

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