Ahmedabad’s Pradipam gets UV curing system from Dizario

Ahmedabad, Gujarat-based Pradipam Offset has recently installed a UV curing system combining both traditional Mercury arc lamps and LED lamps on its six-colour with coater Komori press. This includes one LED UV lamp and three Mercury arc lamps supplied by Dizario Machinery.

11 Jun 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

“Earlier, we were printing flexible media with conveyor belt but there were many limitations. Now, we can print the entire job in one go,” Prashant Manoj Patel of Pradipam Offset said.

Of the three conventional lamps, one is interdeck and rest two are at end of the printing press. The LED UV lamp is transferable and can be used as per the requirement of the job.

According to Patel, the best part of the system is that it allows the press to run on full speed. “Now, we can print LED/UV jobs at the speed of 12,000 sheets an hour. We can also print on thin substrates because of the LED, including 90gsm metPET, which was not possible earlier.

Pradipam, which is into rakhi boxes and boxes for the pharma industry and for hospitals, prints around 50,000 sheets of UV and LED and 700,000 sheets of conventional printing weekly in round-the-clock operation.

Patel said that he has a strong client base for LED/UV. He is especially kicked about LED, which is calls cold printing. And he is ready to invest in the technology again if the need arises, which he believe is inevitable.

Pradipam Offset was established around 20 years ago by Manoj Patel. The son, Prashant, an instrumentation and control engineer, joined the business in 2003.