AGI Glaspac invests Rs-55 crores in Telangana plant

The amount will be utilised to build a new furnace for its Specialty Glass Division with the help of Horn Glass Industries. The money will be driven from the recent Rs 200-crore funding raised by AGI Glaspac’s parent HSIL.

24 Mar 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

The new furnace will help AGI's Bhongir plant to produce 154 tonnes of premium flint and other colours

Integrated container glass manufacturer AGI Glaspac has announced its partnership with a German tech giant Horn Glass Industries AG to build a new furnace at the former’s Telangana plant. The 154-TPD furnace will be built for the AGI Speciality Glass Division – a plant in Bhongir, Telangana.

According to the company, the technology will cost Rs 55 crores. It is a part of the recent investment raised by AGI Glaspac from its parent company HSIL, amounting to Rs 220 crores. It also said the German technology will lead to strengthening the glass packing products manufacturing out of India.

The facility will comprise end-fired furnaces with six forehearths for production. With the set-up of the new furnace, the company’s Bhongir plant will be able to produce 154 tonnes of premium flint and other different colours.

This high-quality speciality glass produced will cater to industries such as carbonated water, sparkling wine, pharmaceuticals, including vials and in cosmetics, such as beauty products, perfumery, nail Polish and others.

Rajesh Khosla, president and CEO at AGI Glaspac, said: “Our investment in German technology is aimed to strengthen our units to make products more efficiently out of India for global markets.

“We thrive by the make-in-India concept, and it is important that we do not miss out on the great opportunities or technologies readily available – these technologies are to watch out for or invest in, so that the products manufactured in India can compete efficiently. We are happy to have found the right technology partner in Horn Glass Industries AG, Germany.”

Stephan Meindl, president and CEO at Horn Glass Industries AG, said, "India is an exciting market for our company, and we are happy to collaborate with a renowned brand such as AGI Glaspac to showcase our leading position in the global glass market. We are confident that with our technological support, AGI Glaspac will be able to thrive by its make-in-India vision of manufacturing world-class level specialty glass very effectively."

The furnace will be heated by piped natural gas (PNG), with HFO backup firing. LPG will be the energy backup for the distributor and forehearths.

Horn's scope of supply includes the planning of the refractory, the combustion equipment, measuring and control, boosting, new HVR 400 batch charger for the furnace, distributor, and forehearth as well as further furnace equipment. The entire construction and commissioning will be managed by AGI Glaspac and Horn Glass Industries AG, Germany jointly.

The Packaging Products Division of HSIL, AGI Glaspac, was established in 1972 and is one of the leading container-glass manufacturers in the country. AGI has two facilities – one in Hyderabad and the other in Bhongir, Telangana. It is engaged in the manufacture of high-quality glass containers to meet the stringent and demanding quality standards of the packaging needs of the food, pharmaceuticals, soft drinks, spirits, beer, wine and other industries.

With the Hyderabad and Bhongir facilities put together, AGI melts around 1,600 tonnes of glass per day. With four furnaces, AGI can commit to the availability of flint, amber and green glass throughout the year.

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