Aggarwal Pack Products opts for Bobst Novacut

Meerut-based Aggarwal Pack Products has opted for a brand new Bobst Novacut 106 E 3.0 automatic flatbed die-cutting machine, which has been running on the company shopfloor since March 2021.

02 Jun 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Vinay Aggarwal of Aggarwal Pack Products and Chandrashekhar Dhote of Bobst with the new Bobst Novacut 106 E 3.0

Vinay Aggarwal, founder, Aggarwal Pack Products, said, “We purchased a pre-owned Bobst die-cutting machine in 2016 and gained hands-on experience. As the demand increased, we were planning for another machine. Initially, we were hesitant to invest in a new machine because of its cost. Then we did some calculations and looked into the turnaround time from printing to die-cutting. We understood the additional advantages due to many features like faster change-over time for both cutting and stripping jobs in this machine and eventually decided to go for it.”

Previously, the company used to have 22 manual hand platen die-punching machines, which required huge labour and space. It decided to implement automation for a smoother process. “After the installation of their first pre-owned Bobst, we removed more than eight hand platen die-punching machines, and with the recently installed new Novacut 106 E 3.0, we removed the remaining manual punching machines. Now, we have only three hand platen die-punching machines for different applications. Thus, we were able to save on labour and space. We didn’t remove any labour and are utilising their services in other segments,” Aggarwal said.

He added that with the new machine, conversion of sheets has become fast and appropriate. The company has punched around 65,000 sheets on its new Novacut in 12-hours shift. “In festive season, we can easily increase the production,” he added. The company’s work depends on seasons, especially festivals, during which it runs the facility round the clock.

Aggarwal added that the company punches duplex boards (around 400-gsm), corrugation (E and micro) sheets and other rigid packaging materials on the machine. “Now we don’t have to think about the quality and quantity of the job,” he said.

He added, “While the Bobst machine is expensive compared to available options, when you look at the performance and after-sales service support in a city like Meerut, it is worth an investment. Bobst’s hand-holding, training and guidance is reliable and trustworthy. We know when we are partnered with Bobst that we are assured of life-time support, which is not the case of other available options in the market.”

Established in 1995, Aggarwal Pack Products is a first-generation packaging and printing company and serves clients from multiple segments – food, sports, electronics, garments and others. Initially, the company had only lamination and cutting machines, the rest were outsourced. Gradually, equipment for different processes were added and presently, the entire production is under one roof.

The facility is equipped with TechNova CTP, Heidelberg printing press, Polar paper-cutting machines, among others, beside the Bobst die-cutters.

Divyanshu Aggarwal, the second generation of the business, said, “We will be adding a printing press and will be diversifying into corrugation in the coming years.” He joined the business a year back.