Adway Print Concept opts for Easymatrix die-cutter

Noida-based Adway Print Concept has strengthened its post-press with the installation of a MasterWork die-cutting equipment, MK EasyMatrix 106 CS. Manufactured by MK MasterWork Machinery, the machine was supplied and installed by Heidelberg India.

02 Mar 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

The Jain family with the die-cutter

Anuj Kumar Jain, director, Adway Print Concept, said, “Our printing and folding and gluing segments are fully equipped and functioning well, but our die-cutting segment was not able to meet the pace because of no automation and low speed. We were using six manual die-cutting machines. Now, we will be using those manual die-cutting machines for short-run jobs in the future. The high-volume jobs will go to the MK EasyMatrix.”

The Easymatrix 106 CS die-cutter can cut board sheets of 28x40-inches at the speed of 7,700 sheets an hour.

Easymatrix standard features include tooling for stripping, cooling system for the lower bed to operate continuously for three shift operation, and a nonstop feeder for corrugation jobs, these are optional in most of other die cutter brands in the market.

Jain added that Heidelberg is a renowned and trusted name in the industry and so are its products. “Heidelberg has its own manufacturing/assembling unit in China. Renowned printers in the geography have MK die-cutting machines. We talked with the users of the machine and then finalised the purchase,” he said.

According to Jain, the company’s quantum and efficiency will increase with the machine. “We will cut duplex, FBB, CBB and virgin boards on the Easymatrix 106 CS. It being an automatic machine, we will have better speed, and it will be helpful in increasing the margins. The machine will also increase our efficiency,” he said.

The company’s current capacity is ten lakh mono cartons per day. Jain said Adway has also added multiple machines from Aakarshan in its corrugation segment. “Earlier, we were manufacturing E-flute cartons. Now, we can manufacture master cartons/shipper cartons with the new equipment. We have six manual die-cutters with us and those will be with us for short-run jobs,” he said.

Adway has also diversified into rigid boxes and has installed a semi-automatic machine from Zhongke India. Jain said in the segment, the company is looking at low volume and high-end boxes. “We are expecting around 50-60% growth in our existing set up by adding new equipment and diversified into rigid box manufacturing,” he said.

The company’s total conversion of paper, board and kraft is around 350 tonnes per month. Of these, around 50 tonnes are kraft. “We are working to double the conversion by next year,” Jain said.

Adway works in 12-16 hours operation in a 40,000-sqft area, and with a team of 150 people.