Acme Rolltech installs ALE Hercules laser engraving system

Acme Rolltech, India’s first indigenous anilox roll manufacturing company, recently installed its first direct laser engraving machine for producing anilox cylinders and sleeves.

29 Jul 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Parag Patel, managing sirector; Parag Koradia, technical director; and Sandeep Sharma, marketing director, of Acme Rolltech

Parag Patel, managing director, Acme Rolltech, said the company opted for the ALE Hercules system after careful consideration due to its state-of-the-art pixel precise and its laser engraving technology.

Patel said as Acme first indigenous anilox manufacturing company in India, it wanted to go for the best equipment in the global market to meet its standards.

“After considering many direct laser engraving machines, we realised that 90 to 95% anilox manufacturers in the world use ALE engravers. This says a lot about ALE’s expertise for making engravers for producing anilox cylinders. After taking tests of a range of screens and seeing the engraving process and the capabilities of the machine, we finalised our order for the 4.5-m Hercules laser engraving system knowing that we cannot go wrong with this choice,” Patel explained.

He said after the machine arrived, starting from the installation and training, ALE has been exceptional in its service. “The machine is a wonder to work with. Now that we are finally engraving, we understand why anilox roller manufacturers go with ALE. We are happy to be a part of it,” he said.

So far, the company has engraved various cell shapes, and LPIs over a range of finer and coarser screens on the machine.

“We are successfully supplying these rollers for various applications in the industry. Even now, whenever we face any questions during jobs, which are new to us, ALE has always been available to provide us with a diligent answer,” Patel concluded.