364 exhibitors confirmed at PrintPack 2019

The countdown to the PrintPack India show from 1 to 6 February at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida is truly on. According to Dayaker Reddy, president IPAMA, "Thusfar, 364 participants have already booked space. The total booking of space is 19,000 square metres." This is 1500 square metres more than the previous area booked. Reddy stated, "The process of allocating the stands to the exhibitors is going on."

31 Aug 2018 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

PrintPack 2017

PrintPack India is an industry platform for companies to launch their latest technology products and innovations. Reddy said, "The rare feature is that for the first time, separate halls have been earmarked for labels, corrugations and the web industries. This was planned, after taking into consideration various factors and detailed discussions with the concerned associations." IPAMA is working assiduously to bring the industry's top decision makers on a single platform during the show.

The exhibition is a pilot project as far as tickets are concerned. It has been "tentatively" decided to charge an entry fee from the visitors who will be reporting for registration at the registration counters. Reddy said this step was done "with a view to save waiting time and labour and also to avoid rush at the entrance gates. Which is why, there is no charge for online registration. The registered visitors can directly enter into the exhibition halls by showing the QR Code to the security personnel at the gates."

IPAMA is also collaborating with other trade bodies for knowledge seminars during the show. Reddy said, "Some of the associations are going to organise technical seminars about the future of printing, eco-friendly ink, quality, safety and security etc." Dayaker Reddy who was in Kolkata on 15 August, IPAMA will have outreach programs in the north east and east India plus conduct a car branding drive and do a greet-and-meet with printers who are in the interior regions.

Meanwhile IPAMA has been promoting the presence of Indian manufacturers in the overseas market as well. Reddy said, "They have to explore things for themselves and start business with other countries. Thus, participation in international exhibitions is a requirement of today’s world.  IPAMA has taken the initiative to take the manufacturers to different international events by providing technical and financial assistance." 

Dayaker Reddy - At a glance

Feedback from IGAS, trends in inkjet --- We cannot compare India with Japan or any other small country (in terms of population). India is a populous country and also price conscious. Therefore it may not get so much attraction in the coming 2-3 years. The inkjet printer’s ink is expensive and can potentially dry up, causing not only wastage of ink but also blockages within the printer.

Good thing about inkjet --- If you want to attract a particular segment, it is good.  The inkjet printers are affordable for customized products or for small quantity. They are ready to print and do not require any warm-up time. They are also compact, generally requiring less space.

The security print space in India --- I am a machine manufacturer.  All these machines are used for different purposes, including security printing.  Since day one in the industry, I have been emphasising on adoption of new features so that the industry remains in competition in domestic and overseas markets. This includes security printing.

Tap talent and maintain staff loyalty --- To retain staff or talent, more or less in every segment, it has a similar trend, including the printing industry.  The employer always gives preference to talent and loyalty of employees/staff to the company or the organisation concerned.

The circulation numbers and AdEx for newspapers have seen a hike but the industry is non bullish --- It is a fact that the circulation of newspapers in the country is increasing. The advertisements are also on the increase.  However, the cost of newspapers in India is much less in comparison to other countries while the cost of paper and raw material is increasing.  Thus, in spite of all out increase in the newspaper circulation, the market is still non-bullish from business point of view. 

One technology Dayaker Reddy bets on @ PrintPack 2019 --- I would like to infuse money in the 3D and flexible printing during 1 to 6 February at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida exhibition.