325 printers from 32 cities attend Romancing Print at Ambala

Technological advances in this day and age is moving at such a rapid pace that what we thought fantastical and impossible in the past are now a hair’s breadth away from becoming a reality. The print industry is one area that has been affected by major significant changes. Earlier, printing was considered an art, but over the years it has invaded the world of technology and with the adaptation of offset, it has morphed into a combination of art, science and chemistry. In the age of computers, electronics soon became a part of its world and heralded the advent of digital printing. But the story of its expansion continues and printing has now embraced space science, architecture and biology.

01 Oct 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Kamal Chopra (centre) and others in a press meet ahead of the event

To enhance the knowledge of the printers about this ‘change’, All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) organised ‘Romancing Print (North) 2018’ in Ambala on 17 September 2018. Master The event was jointly hosted by Printers Association, Ambala and Offset Printers’ Association, Ludhiana, and was supported by Heidelberg India and was powered by HP Indigo.

Nearly 325 printers from 32 cities across India participated in this full-day seminar. In addition to this, presence of more than 110 students and teachers in printing added to the glory of this knowledge seminar hosted for the first time at Ambala.

Welcoming the delegates, Sunil Chopra, president, Master Printers Association, Ambala, said, “MPA is a small association established with the efforts of Prof Kamal Chopra four years back. We are indebted to Maninder Singh, vice-president (north) AIFMP, for reposing faith in our association and choosing Ambala as the venue of Romancing Print (North) 2018. At the same time I wish to thank AMSG Ashokan and his team, especially Arvind Mardiakr for approving this proposal and bestowing the honour to host this prime event at Ambala.”

Arvind Mardikar, honourary general secretary, AIFMP, in his address said, “The purpose of this seminar is to encourage the printers to ‘love their job’ so that they may work with more enthusiasm, with new vision and with more dedications. I am thrilled to see such a mammoth gathering of printers at this small town.”

He added that while earlier Romancing Print conferences were organised only in metro cities, when it was seen that the message was not reaching the printers of small cities, it was decided to conduct these knowledge-sharing seminars in tire two and three cities too, where such information is more required. He said, representing 250,000 Indian printers, AIFMP is considered to be the largest printers association of the world.

In his presentation, Anjan Kumar Baral, senior professor of printing at GJU, Hisar, enlightened the printers about latest innovations and ‘future printing’ with a special emphasis on packaging printing. He said, as long as the population is growing the requirements of food is bound to grow. In this digital age, human is becoming technology driven, online shopping is becoming popular. Moreover, due to more and rapid urbanisation, the trend for purchasing packaged food is increasing. It is good sign for packaging printer that more and more people are becoming health-conscious. Brands are becoming popular to ensure quality and healthy food. Thus, the future lies in packaging printing, he said.

Dr Rajendrakumar Anayath, vice-chancellor, DC University of Science & Tech, Murthal, in his presentation, elaborated how he romanced with print to reach such a high post. He said, “My experience is that most people don’t love their work. Many like it, some tolerate it, but it is a minority who find work they love that also supports their lifestyle. Love your work without expecting results, because a person achieves perfection only if he finds joy in the work he does.”

The highpoint of the day was the lecture by motivation speaker Asit Ghosh. He enthralled the audience with is words about education and knowledge. His main topic was how to live a happy life and be happy with your work. He said the biggest teacher and your ultimate trainer is your life/ experience. “Education is important but knowledge can only be obtained with experience,” he said.

Earlier, inaugurating the Romancing Print (North) 2018, Padma Shree, Vijay Kumar Chopra, chief guest, said printers of the country are progressing without any support from the government. “I wish the government take care of this key industry which is the second largest in the country, giving employment of 25 lakh families directly and 20 lakh families indirectly,” he said.

He also appreciated the efforts of Prof Kamal Chopra in bringing printers in a common platform and creating networking amongst the printers of various countries.

Through Print Yatra project, Chopra has established more than 53 printers associations so that there may be complete networking.

In his vote of thanks, Prof Kamal Chopra thanked the printers from more than 32 cities who joined the seminar. “It is our first effort at Ambala and we will try to organise such seminar in more cities of the region in coming times. My thanks are also due to learned scholars and eminent speakers who enlighten the delegation with their valuable words of wisdom,” he said.