11 East India printers share their Konica Minolta experience

In the beginning of the year, Konica Minolta India had announced that it has notched up 51 installations of its cutting-edge products in the previous six months. The products included AccurioPress C6085, AccurioPress C3080 & C3070p and the Accurio Press C83HC. Geographically, the machines were installed in West Bengal; Assam; Orissa; Bihar; Nagaland; Jharkhand; Manipur and Mizoram.

27 Mar 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

According to the company, which has over 55% share in the production printing market, it achieved the milestone on the back of its superlative sales network, machine performance, and after-sales services.

In an exclusive, 11 customers from East India tell PrintWeek whey they opted for a new Konica Minolta kit.

Biswanath Ghosh, Digital Automation, Kolkata

We switched to the AccurioPress C3070 P recently. We are extremely satisfied with its performance.”

Amit Kumar Gupta, Balaji Stickers, Kolkata

“We are using AccurioPress C3070. The difference in quality is palpable. It has emerged as one of our most pleasing investments.”

Mithu Dass, Go Graphics, Kolkata

“AccurioPress C6085 delivers superb print quality. Our customers are extremely satisfied and so are we.”

Pratik Agarwal, Mansi Overseas, Kolkata

“Ever since we installed AccurioPress C6085, we have registered quite an improvement in the quality and efficiency of our operations.”

Iti Dey, National Shree Ganesh, Kolkata

“The AccurioPress C3070 has surpassed our expectations. We are exceedingly satisfied with the results.”

Aloke Samanta, Samanta Enterprise, Kolkata  

“Ever since we started using AccurioPress C6085, Konica Minolta products have quickly become our printing machines of choice.”

Somnath Das, Sweetex, Kolkata

“At our firm, Konica Minolta has come to be equated with fine print quality and rightly so. Using AccurioPress C3070P has been a great experience.”

Rohit Paul, Beracah Printing, Gangtok

“To say that we are happy with AccurioPress C3070P would be an understatement. It delivers everything that we need from top-notch print technology.”

Gautum Kumar, Rameshwaram Printers, Ranchi

“Whenever someone asks me printer recommendations, I instantly suggest a KM machine. Why? Our experience of using AccurioPress C3070P is proof enough.”

Sailen Saikia, M Tact, Guwahati  

“Without a doubt, AccurioPress C6085 delivers superlative quality. It has also helped us boost our productivity.”

S Lalsawma Pudaite, Lois Bet, Aizwal

“Our Konica Minolta machine, the Bizhub PRO, delivers superlative quality prints.It has enabled us to cater to more new-age print jobs than we did earlier.”