‘No slump in print– in fact the work is getting better and better’

In the last week of September, PrintWeek India hosted five judging days for the 2016 Awards. A panel of 30 took the opportunity to look at more than thousand samples from the 132 print firms that had submitted the entries.

03 Oct 2016 | By Krishna Naidu

A few comments from our August panel during the Jury Week about the challenges they face, what the opportunities for print and how the humble printer can better engage with the buyers of tomorrow.

- Looking at some of the work that I saw today, budgets are not an issue for some brands. For such brands and print firms it is no longer only about ink on paper. It is a lot more to do with innovations.

- I think it’s clear that on some of the projects the printer has been a creative partner, rather than just a supplier. That’s a challenge for printers though, as not all the people that commission work or their designers see the printer as a partner. It is time designers and agencies wake up to the fact there is a huge knowledge gap between them and printers. There is some kind of disconnect.

- Producing a POP or POS job is not an exact science, and so when things do go wrong, then it’s how my vendor reacts that separates a good print firm from a great one.

- Earlier we printed abroad. Now due to editorial deadlines and flexibility in press schedules, we print in India. Technology is a great leveller.

- Looking at some of the print samples at the PrintWeek India Awards, there are some companies that are clearly so far ahead of the others.

- Price is a factor, but many of our vendors make suggestions and do R&D work. I think the ones that don’t make recommendations don’t get the work.

- We rely on the PrintWeek Awards and the PrintWeek India team too. Obviously we want our print partner to have all the ISOs and certifications going, but then we look at things like driving innovation, latest kit, and what kind of people. That way we can approach a new firm and produce a cutting-edge campaign.

Tickets are now available for the PrintWeek Awards, the industry’s flagship celebration of print, at the Grand Hyatt, Santacruz East, Mumbai on Friday 4 November.

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