Pamex 2023 Stall of the Day: Arrow Digital

Arrow Digital highlighted its ArrowJet Hybrid Pro along with a wide range of machines from EFI, at Pamex 2023. The four-day is being held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre and will be up until 30 March.

29 Mar 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

The stall displayed various machines like the EFI Pro 16h, ArrowJet Aqua 330r, ArrowJet Aqua 330r Hybrid Pro and Arrow EZCut 330A. 

Ekta Punjabi, brand manager at Arrow Digital said, "Digital printing technology has made it possible to print high-quality labels quickly and efficiently, with the added advantage of being able to incorporate variable data, images, and colors."

"While Arrow's EZCut is for used for cutting labels and lamination, the Hybrid version used for priming and varnish has inline and offline finishing options available."

The inclusion of inline priming, digital printing, and varnishing capabilities further enhances its functionality, allowing for a seamless and efficient printing process.

The company boasts that its ArrowJet product line has the capability of printing and varnishing using water-based inks and coatings in one go, which can help businesses save time and improve efficiency in their printing processes.

"We have been please by the response our product line has received, and aim to expand our dealer network in the coming months," added Punjabi.