Labelexpo 2023 preview: ABG International - Busitel

The expo from 11-14 September in Brussels (Belgium) will showcase a host of technologies for the rapidly evolving labels and packaging segment. PrintWeek highlights the top 150 exhibitors from the boutique show. Here is the first lot.

11 Sep 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

ABG International Stand: 6A37
AB Graphic International (ABG) will unveil its automation technology and showcase its latest product innovations. The primary focus will be unveiling its new automation technology, ABG Connect. It is a groundbreaking automated workflow solution that streamlines the print and finishing process by connecting all stages into one automated workflow.
ABG will also showcase its latest new product innovations, which will include advancements in non-stop winding technology and the new turret rewinder model. Vinsak has been a long-time partner of ABG in India.

Acme Rolltech  |  Stand: 7A14
Acme Rolltech is India’s pioneer manufacturer of ceramic anilox rolls and anilox sleeves. Catering to varied market segments like narrow web/labels, wide-web flexo, CI flexo, offset coating, specialty coatings and film coating, Acme Rolltech will showcase its latest engraving technology called ACE, advanced channel engravings, along with specialised products. These products include ATac, Acme Tactile for screen type raise effect and AHDW, Acme high-density white for opaque white printing for solids and text matter.

Actega Stand: 6C32
Actega will present its latest inks, coatings, adhesives, and technology designed to produce high-quality, high-impact labels and packaging. It will demonstrate its sustainable alternative to traditional metallic decoration, Ecoleaf. This pioneering technology enables printers and converters to significantly reduce the environmental impact of metallic decoration on labels and packaging while maintaining the visual impact and quality standards required by brands.

Afford Inks Stand: 8A37
Afford Inks is a Spanish manufacturer based in Madrid, producing inks since 1979. The company has grown organically through strategic acquisitions and has been manufacturing inkjet products since 2003. It will showcase its LED UV narrow-web flexo and single pass industrial UV inks, aiming to attract interest from end-users, machine integration and distribution partners and OEM clients.

Aluminium Feron Stand: 6c16
Aluminium Feron will showcase its wide range of durable substrates for labels and tags at Labelexpo Europe 2023. This includes brand-new sustainable Monotex tag materials like PE films with PCR, as well as recyclable PO films for laser printing. Also, an eco-friendly tear-resistant Tritex product with 100% recycled paper and 90% PCR core will be introduced. The Féron solutions are used in a variety of industries, including horticulture, construction, apparel, health sector, leisure and tourism, logistics, chemical, automotive and steel processing.

Alphasonics Plaeto Stand: 7D35
During the Covid-19 lockdown, the team at Alphasonics were busy working on an innovative and exciting new device to complement its PCX range of flexo plate cleaners. Plaeto is an automatic plate-loading system that sits just in front of the PCX and will automatically feed up to 30 plates directly into the device. This offers significant cost savings in labour as the operator can be utilised elsewhere, while Plaeto just keeps loading plates. Plaeto is particularly suited to companies with a large number of plates to clean on a daily basis.

Anytron Stand: 8B27
Anytron will unveil its latest breakthrough, the Any-Press. This five-colour dry toner press introduces a dual-functional design, offering digital printing capabilities for labels and flexible packaging. Powered by a robust 13-inches LED engine, the Any-Press guarantees exceptional durability. With the launch of the Any-Press, Anytron aims to cultivate a new market segment within the labeling and packaging industry, leveraging its advanced capabilities and versatile functionality. Anytron will also highlight the Any-Jet II, an integration of digital printing and laser die-cutting.

Applied Laser Engineering Stand: 7E38
Applied Laser Engineering will launch the new Twin Track technology. A revolutionary laser technology breaks the conventional link between laser beam shape and cell shape. Instead, this advanced approach modifies the laser beam’s impact on the engraved ceramic in real-time. Unlike the traditional method of adjusting the laser beam size to make the desired cell size, the Twin Track approach alters both laser power and beam position within each cell. As a result, flatter and wider-bottomed cells can be engraved, enhancing volume and ink release properties for the anilox roll market. This technique offers improved engraving capabilities for higher-quality results.

Arrow Systems Stand: 8C07
Arrow Systems will debut its ArrowJet line in the European Market. The ArrowJet line is the perfect solution for digital labels and packaging. It features water-based pigment inkjet technology from Memjet and boasts up to 50-m/min print speeds. With a variety of inline and offline digital finishing options that can be paired with these printers, The ArrowJet Aqua 330L features a compact yet robust design. The ArrowJet Aqua 330R Hybrid Pro features inline priming and varnish, allowing customers to prime and varnish their material inline with the same print quality as pre-coated material.

Armor-Iimak  |  Stand: 5C40

To enhance the thermal transfer experience of every ribbon user, Armor-Iimak will display Inkanto ribbons which come with two complementary printhead cleaning features to help users prolong their printhead’s life and avoid print problems – clean start, a built-in ribbon feature that ensures regular printhead cleaning, and cleaning wipe, a free wipe in every box for a deeper printhead clean-up. Inkanto ribbons’ printhead cleaning features improve printer performance, extend hardware life, and simplify maintenance routines. 

Asahi Stand: 5A34
Asahi Photoproducts will introduce its updated AWPTM wastewater recycling unit for use with the AWPTM plate processing system. The Asahi Photoproducts water-washable AWPTM- DEW CleanPrint flexographic plates have been certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust. In addition, to increase the sustainability of its platemaking solutions even more, Asahi has developed this innovative water recycling system for the AWPTM plate processing equipment. The unit features proprietary filtering technology developed by Asahi Kasei that reduces wastewater by 75% and detergent usage by 40%. TechNova represents Asahi in India.

Ashe Stand: 4B51 & 4C51
Ashe continues to grow its general range of slitter rewinders/turret slitters and will display its Diamond Duplex slitter series for wider web applications. Another launch of the machine series is The Opal TST range – high-speed blank label converter with Auto 2 spindle turret rewind. This is an entry-level investment for high-speed, fast turnaround reel form blank label production. Parkland, a supply partner for Ashe, will launch and demonstrate its i30 multipurpose core cutter, enabling various core ID sizes to be cut to length, quickly and simply.

Avery Dennison  |  Stand: 5A31 
Avery Dennison will unveil its new range of VI and decorative linerless labels. The company believes that the future of labeling is linerless, and it has developed a suite of solutions that eliminate the need for a liner, thereby reducing material use and waste and minimising the environmental impact of packaging. At Labelexpo, Avery Dennison will host a special event called Connecting. Together. On its stand, it will engage with customers and the industry ecosystem in an intimate space that will showcase its packaging solutions and offer an exclusive food and drink experience.


Baldwin Technology  |  Stand: 6A23

Baldwin Technology will launch its new printing inspection software, the PQV 4.0, at the Labelexpo. The new printing inspection software promises to remove the complexity out of printing jobs. In an industry with tight margins, printers need to run an even tighter operation. Any unnecessary downtime, material waste, and reruns can make or break your business. The PQV 4.0 helps save time and labour.

Bar Graphic Machinery Stand: 3D24
Focusing on label finishing, Bar Graphic Machinery (BGM) will present the latest Digiflex model at Labelexpo Europe 2023. It is a dedicated digital converting finishing line equipped with a semi-rotary, re-register flexographic print station, flat-bed screen foiling and lamination, semi-rotary die-cutting and automatic slitting unit. The BGM Elite Dieflex E has the option of an adjustable clearance anvil to adjust the depth of die-cutting on the fly to compensate for die wear. Other models will include BGM’s latest inspection slitter rewinder systems.

Beijing Daheng Image Vision Stand: 4A34
Beijing Daheng Image Vision will present its label inspection rewinding machine. It performs full- width inspection for labels. An industrial high-speed colour camera is equipped to scan the labels, inspect the print quality and variable information. When a defect is inspected, the machine alerts through light and sound. Then it configures the appropriate method to deal with defects. The label inline inspection system is installed on a full-rotary, flexo press, gravure press and offset press machine. This is done to inspect print quality in real time, and avoid continuous waste.

Berhalter Stand: 5E41
Berhalter will present the new Swiss die-cutter B4, an advanced machine designed for digital die-cutting applications. It offers maximum precision and efficiency with a production speed of 500 strokes per minute. The B4 model features individually controlled die-cutting motion, allowing fine adjustments and customisation based on specific requirements. It provides versatility with its flexibly adjustable opening level of the punching tool, optimising performance for different materials and desired outcomes.

Bio4Life Stand: 6D22
Bio4Life will showcase its entire range of certified compostable materials with a focus on applications for fruit labels. Considering the upcoming European legislation (PPWR), specific products have been developed for this demanding application. The face materials are derived from renewable resources, and all are coated with the unique BioTak compostable adhesive. The product range includes paper from agricultural waste, FSC and PEFC-certified paper and a variety of bioplastics.

Bobst  |  Stand: 3A58 & 3A59
Under the motto, Simplifying label production, Bobst will demonstrate its leading innovation in labels and flexible packaging production with two main production lines in focus. The company is spearheading digitalisation, automation, connectivity and sustainability in packaging production with a portfolio that includes flexo, digital and all-in-one presses for the widest variety of applications. The Bobst Digital Master 340 all-in-one modular and upgradable label press, equipped with the latest UV inkjet technology, will be running live at 100-m/min. As converters face manpower shortages and demands for more sustainable solutions, Bobst will highlight unique automation features that can alleviate these issues. The high-end Bobst Master M6 flexo press will demonstrate how oneECG technology for extended colour gamut printing and V-Flower printing units enables fast, automatic changeovers of the cylinders without stopping the press and with minimal waste.

Brotech Stand: 8C81
Brotech will display the SDF Plus and smart modular designed digital printed label converting and finishing system, SDF-E digital label finishing system, SMS shrink sleeve label seaming system, CDF digital label finishing system and TR turret rewind system. The SDF Plus can support multiple processes like hot foil stamping, flexo printing, cold foil and adhesive lamination, screen printing, varnishing, die cutting, slitting, snowball waste removal and dual rewinds. SDF-E series is a perfect cost-effective and multi-functional combo. SMS is specially used for seaming PVC, PET, PE, POF and other colour-printed shrink film materials into roll-shaped packaging and beverage labels.

BST Stand: 3D40
BST will present the BST TubeScan Eagle View, which delivers 100% inspection plus 10x magnification in video inspection. The feature is an additional five-megapixel camera to zoom in on any web section 35x25-mm with a pixel resolution of 14 µm. This capability enables seamless visualisation of the dot screen, making it advantageous for monitoring the print register or RFID applications. Another highlight that BST will present in realistic packaging and label printing production environments will be the dynamic job change. This innovative capability allows for printing multiple jobs on one roll. TubeScan automatically detects the new job and retrieves the corresponding master in real-time.

Busitel Stand: 3E25
Busitel will present the new P314 resin ribbon, a universal resin combining performance and sustainability. Working on all kinds of printers, P314 offers a mix of superior resistance, flexibility and high-speed printing. Moreover, based on a 4-micron PET film, P314 allows up to 12% plastic reduction for each roll.

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