​​Indian Army (CIF Kilo) sets up plant to recycle used Tetra Pak cartons

The Counter Insurgency Force (CIF) Kilo of the Indian Army, in association with Tetra Pak India, has undertaken an environment project for recycling of used Tetra Pak cartons.

05 Jun 2017 | By WhatPackaging? Team

A compacting plant has been set up at Haiderbeg, J&K, a central location, so that the local government bodies, NGOs and others can send their empty Tetra Pak cartons, which can be disposed off through this effort. The compacted bales will be sent from here to Khatima (Uttarakhand) for recycling into paper and other useful products.

“Milk in Tetra Pak cartons is authorised to troops as part of their entitled ration. Approximately, 45 lakh cartons in one litre get consumed in 15 Corps every year. So far, there is no mechanism to recycle these cartons and they are disposed off locally. CIF Kilo, therefore, took upon itself the task to collect and recycle the cartons, with support from Tetra Pak who has helped set up the necessary recycling infrastructure,” said the representative from the Indian Army.

According to Tetra Pak India, it has been actively committed to environmental causes, working with the Army in other parts of India as well. The company has provided the compacting machine for this plant and will continue to provide technical expertise and support to the project.

“Tetra Pak cartons are fully recyclable and can be recycled into various useful products – like desks, benches, roof sheets and notebooks. At Tetra Pak, we have invested ahead of the curve to build a sustainable recycling eco-system for used cartons across the country. We have been working with the Indian Army to set up several collection centres, and it is a matter of honor for us to partner with CIF Kilo on this noble initiative,” said Pravin Mallick, environment director, Tetra Pak South Asia Markets.

The compacting plant was inaugurated by Major General AK Singh, SM, VSM, GOC CIF (K). The ceremony was attended by civilian dignitaries and Pravin Mallick, Environment Director, Tetra Pak South Asia Markets.