“Differentiation and value addition is the key to success,” says Puneet Datta

The first half of the PS 18 saw, Puneet Datta, director professional printing products division at Canon India, make of the presentations on – Is now the time to go digital?

17 Jan 2018 | By Noel D'Cunha

According to Datta, the world has already gone digital, where everyone is either on the WhatsApp or Facebook, with WhatsApp exchanging 16mn text messages in a minute. “Every part of our lives has become digital, in one way or the other. With the internet speed expected to be 66 times faster than the speed of 4G, a lot of data will be generated, which is called the Big Data,” said Datta.
With the capacity utilisation of offset equipment declining, digital print is emerging as a viable option. 
Datta cited research data which stated that in the run-up to 2020, the overall printing volume will fall but in constant value terms, there is growth. “There will be a rise in requirement of high-value digital production – short-run, variable data printing, and personalisation to add engagement to the printed item, and for packaging where the physical needs call for heavier substrates, which are higher in price,” he said, adding that the growth in digital printing will remain strong, because it will be used for developing innovative products. “It will help offset printer become niche, than a provider of commodities.”
According to the Technology Adoption Lifecycle, Datta said, for digital printing, now is the chasm time, to become the early adopters. “India has a robust GDP growth and considered one of the fastest economies in the world. There are products which will be produced locally, and print required for products will also be printed locally. This is the right time to be doing business in India, and digital printing is a viable option.”
The reasons: The clients are driving product lifecycles, There’s fragmentation of consumer interest, tighter budgets, and global, targeted multimedia communication. “What does these clients requirement mean – faster turnaround, more but smaller jobs, increased productivity, expanded services with web and print.
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