​AVPS Chakravarthi appointed World Packaging Organisation ambassador

Ecobliss India managing director AVPS Chakravarthi has been appointed as the ambassador of World Packaging Organisation at its 99th board meeting held in Rio de Geneiro, Brazil recently.

15 Nov 2017 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Chakravarthi said, “There is no culture on earth that can do without packaging and I am downhearted for some sections regard packaging as a problem and an unavoidable burden.  The world cannot do without packaging but we must learn to make packaging more effective than ever before and we must educate people everywhere to respect the purpose of packaging.”

“Every measure needs to be taken for the upliftment of the packaging industry similar to the steel and cement industry.”

Chakravarthi has over three decades of experience in the paper, printing and packaging industry. He has served as chairman of Indian Institute of Packaging, Hyderabad and has been on the board of Indian Institute of Packaging for over a decade. He has won Worldstar award for packaging excellence for five years in a row.

Chakravarthi with Pierre Pienaar, the next president of WPO

Before establishing Ecobliss India, Chakravarthi has worked with companies like International paper, Ballarpur Industries, Akerlaund Rausing, Huhtamaki, and Pragati among others.