XCP Press Protection products introduced for the Indian market

Kuruvilla Abraham of 3N Vision, market development partner for XCP product range for the sub-continent, introduced the product for the Indian market.

15 Apr 2015 | By PrintWeek India

XCP (Xtra Corrosion Protection) - the leading brand of press protection products is now available in India.  
In an interview with Wan-Ifra, Scott Sutherland, MD said, “XCP Press Protection products have been specially developed for the printing industry. Throughout the development of the product, we worked with OEMs, employed printing industry standards and test methods, and looked at all the surfaces found on a modern day printing press. XCP is widely used worldwide. The product is recommended by Manroland and complies with all other relevant OEM recommendations (WIFAG, etc.)
XCP Press Protection products are tested and approved as per FOGRA standards; and endorsed by leading German manufacturers like Manroland for both web and sheet fed machines; and Heidelberg. The products are thus designed for ‘cradle to grave protection’ of any printing machine.
Arguably, printing machines are the most valuable assets of a printer and therefore protecting them from corrosion is a necessity than an option. Printers can trust something that has been developed especially for their application, i.e. relevant surface protection, drying speeds that do not impact under-packing foil adhesion strength, etc.
Furthermore, if used as part of regular press maintenance it has also been found that areas treated with XCP™ become easier to clean due to the soft coating laid down on the surface of the metal. There are many generic corrosion ‘oils’ available on the wider market, but these have not been developed with the printing press in mind, i.e. some may be hazardous, contain high levels of VOC, are not easy to work with or don’t provide protection across the surfaces found on a presses.
XCPTM Press Guard is a simple to use high performance printing cylinder protection.  Every time the cylinder surface is cleaned (during replacement of a blanket or plate), application of XCPTM Press Guard is recommended.  XCPTM Press Guard can be applied using a standard trigger spray bottle and buffed down with a clean cloth as shown below.