Women in Print: Sonal Vishwasrao

Sonal Vishwasrao is currently working as the technical sales support for Fujifilm; Mumbai. Sonal is the winner of the PrintWeek India Student of the Year 2011. She enjoys surfing on the net, listening to music and painting. She is also a great admirer of Indira Gandhi.

08 Mar 2014 | By PrintWeek India

Why did you get into printing?
My father; I was inspired by him.
What is your favourite film?
High School Musical.  
What makes you laugh?
Spending time with friends.
Where would you go if you had time?
Kashmir, Kanyakumari or Goa…
How would like to be remembered?
As someone who lived each moment to the fullest.
Who would play you in a movie about your life?
Jennifer Aniston; I find many similarities between me and her.
What are the qualities of a woman?
She is inspiring and gives strength.
How do you keep yourself peaceful?
I switch my phone off or I paint and travel.
What is your favourite phrase or saying?
Live life to the fullest without any regrets.
What is your greatest fear?
What is your favourite song?
Which is the superpower you would want?
Life is …
Learning at every moment and incorporating the lesson learnt each day…
(This Feature appeared in the 4 November 2011 issue of PrintWeek India)