Women in Print: Smita Dahake

Smita Dahake, director, SignSmith Displays

08 Mar 2014 | By PrintWeek India

Why did you get into printing?
We worked as designers. That’s when we observed that there was a need for large fomat digital printing in Thane.

What would be your dream job?
My dream job would include employing more women.

Which actress would play your role in the movie about your life?
Rani Mukherji.

What is your favourite film?
No One Killed Jessica.

One teacher you remember and why?
My mathematics teacher in school, as she was the one responsible for my good scores.

One most valuable work lesson
Providing allied services to printing is essential.

One tip for time management.
Avoid mistakes and  do it right the first time.

One key for good health
Eat healthy and work out at least for 20 minutes a day.

A secret for anger management
Try to stay calm and resolve issues by discussing them.

A good thing about present generation.
Present generation is intelligent, fast grasping and ready to experiment.

A bad thing about present generation.
I don’t find anything wrong with the present generation.

Your tip to resolve conflicts.
Understand other’s point of view will resolve many conflicts.

Life is …
Life is a rollercoaster ride with its ups and downs.