Women in Print: G Padmasree

G Padmasree, owner, Mudra Flexible Printers. She is regarded as the only women entrepreneur in roto-gravure industry in Andhra Pradesh.

08 Mar 2014 | By PrintWeek India

Why did you get into printing?
Friends and interesting and challenging works.
What would be your dream job? 
District collector.
Which actress would play your role in the movie about your life? 
Madhuri Dixit.
What is your favourite film? 
Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.
One teacher you remember, and why? 
Professor Rao who used teach us Public Administration.
One most valuable work lesson… 
Never give up.
One tip for time management… 
One slip makes us lose a fortune.
One key tip for good health… 
Sleep eight hours.
A secret for anger management… 
Haven’t found it yet.
A good thing about the present generation… 
Very sharp and smart.
A bad thing about the present generation… 
Bad planners, don’t value the past.
Your tip to resolve conflicts… 
Avoid in the first place, accept even if not wrong and resolve when at peace.
Life is…
Live to its full and pray to be happy always.