Women in Print: Maeen Shaw

Maeen Shaw of PrintExpressions loves watching movies.

08 Mar 2014 | By PrintWeek India

Why did you get into printing? 
I am a creative person, and to explore my creativity, I choose printing.
What would be your dream job? 
I am at my dream job.
Which actress would play your role in the movie about your life? 
What is your favourite film? 
Loads of them, as I am a complete movie buff.
One teacher you remember, and why? 
Kaushal Mishra, he helped me groom in my personality and public speaking skill.
One most valuable work lesson… 
Quality and service.
One tip for time management… 
Client priorities are our priorities.
One key tip for good health… 
Sleep well, drink lot of water and don’t strave yourself.
A secret for anger management… 
One glass of cold water, or listen to music.
A good thing about the present generation… 
We love to explore different ideas and we are capable of taking risk, we are innovators with loads of energy.
A bad thing about the present generation… 
Too much use of technology.
Your tip to resolve conflicts… 
I believe anything can be solved by discussions.
Life is…
Beautiful, a gift from the almighty.