Women in Print: Jaanvi A Warang

Jaanvi A Warang is the working for pmIndia, a consultancy firm for printing industry. She is married to Abhishek Warang of Fujifilm India and is the mother of two year old daughter. In her leisure, she enjoys cooking.

08 Mar 2014 | By PrintWeek India

Why did you get into printing?
I had inclination towards a hue of colours.
What would be your dream job?
To be Masterchef India.
Who would play you in a movie about your life?
Rani Mukherji.
What would you most like to print?
Currency notes.
What is your favourite film?
15th Park Avenue. 
Who do you admire most in the industry? 
Kiran Prayagi, chairman of GATE and head of pmIndia.
What is your favourite music album?
Gaarwa by Milind Ingle ... you can feel the beauty of it.
What is your greatest luxury in life?
Homemade food made by my mother-in-law.
Who would you like to be stuck on a desert island with?
My husband undoubtedly. 
What’s your greatest fear?
Drowning. Though I enjoy river rafting games.
Who or what makes you laugh?
My daughter – Neeti
Where would you like to be right now?
What was your childhood obsession?
Being Miss World.
How would you like to be remembered?
As Jaanvi of course.
Life is…
(This Feature appeared in the 30 December 2011 issue of PrintWeek India)