WhatsApp chatter when a printing press closed down - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

Noel D'cunha is privy to a WhatsApp chat between a group of printers on the day a press closes down. The tongue-in-cheek chat provides an insight on the trials and tribulations of selling print in a world hell-bent which seeks alternative options, Business

08 Apr 2016 | By Noel D'Cunha


So many printers shutting down. Sad yaar
You know, I had anticipated this day, four years ago
There is no respect for a printer these days
Yaar, I used to love the good old days, sitting with clients and selecting the right paper
That Marwari paper merchant in Singapore used to send brand new paper swatch books every week. Amazing stuff
Now the buyer doesn't know the difference between coated and uncoated. All these new MBA kids in marketing
Sab kuch sarvanaash
Why did he shut down?
He should have diversified sooner. I told him to go for in-house embossing, die-cutting, foil-stamping, coating ...
I told him to opt for packaging
Arre Reddy, which packaging?
Meaning what, Gandhi Saheb?
Packaging can be flexible, folding carton, or labels na. One has to pick the market segment carefully.
Arre, I heard D Vishwanath has invested in a ten acre plot in Sri City
Really? He produces ten million packs daily. Bol!!!!
I met him while he was taking a walk in Lodhi Gardens on Sunday. He is so down to earth. He was asking about the press closure
Oh! Kya bola tu?
Bad debts, I tell you
Bad habits, I tell you
Bad investment, I tell you. He shouldn’t have purchased that casemaker. The supplier thugged him
His accountant thugged him
Thank god, my Bhabhi is a CA
His operator quit and took away all the customers
It’s all because of China
Jindal, how is your business doing? Affected by Yuan fluctuation?
My business is good, but could be better
Does anyone in this group know which industrial head I should use for barcode?
Arre Rohit Bhai, RFID has replaced barcode
Oh. Ok.
Print revenue is getting squeezed na? Too much under-cutting!
Mihir-ji: What is the ROI for textile printing?
Sidhesh Bhai: Kaem chho? What is the ROI for ceramics?
Anand Saar: What is the ROI for direct mails?
Listen da, customer service for direct mail needs to be tip top
His customer service was very poor. I called him five times, but he never picked up the phone
Really? But his father was a wonderful gentle soul
My grandfather knew his grandfather
My grandfather knew your grandfather. Your father worked in Monotype with Mr Prabhakar?
Prabhakar Uncle was a genius. He was Supreme Sultan of Supercasting
Your grandfather migrated from Rangoon to Karachi na?
No, no. That was my Dadaji’s Dadaji. Come home na? When you are free? Mummy will be so happy to meet you
Does anyone in this group know which industrial head I should use for RFID?
Arre Rohit Bhai, look at low-cost printed display screens which are being integrated into packaging for printed batteries and printed electronics. That's the future.
Oh. Okay.
What will they do with the premise? That politician had an eye on it
His brother was always mixed up in some such stuff
He carried a pistol with him at all times
Very ambitious fellow. I know him na. My cousin and he went to Bhola Classes together
Good thing, his son is studying law in UK
His daughter is unmarried
I printed two jobs with him. He didn’t take a paisa from me. Proper gentleman
Still sad na? It’s not good for a commercial printer anymore
The government must do something about all this
Arre, Modiji kya kya kar sakte hain?
You are attending the Association meeting next week?
The Association must do something about this
Does anyone in this group know anything about printed batteries and printed electronics.
Arre Rohit Bhai, first you master barcode.Then look at all this.
Oh. Ok.
Jhunjhunwala, you will pick me up on the way? My car is going to the garage
Send me a ping on WhatsApp
But sad na
I had a dream about him last night
I met him at Juhu Beach. He was taking a walk. He looked dull and clueless
What’s gone is gone
Can someone in the group help me? My screen angle variation is not matching my LPI variation
Aaj, India match jitegi kya? Any bets?
See you later 


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