Visitor Speak: Vinesh K Bhimani, managing director, Kimoha

PrintWeek India speaks to Vinesh K Bhimani, managing director, Kimoha, a visitor at Labelexpo Europe.

27 Sep 2013 | By Noel D'Cunha

How many label expos have you attended?
We have been attending the show for last 20 years and this is one of the best shows, well organised. The best part about this expo is that visitors to the show are mainly here to see the technology. The old tradition of visiting a show just for the sake of seeing a machine has been waning off. Today, every company has a specialist who is brought to understand the latest trend. Unless the companies are willing to take the risk of being left out, each one is investing in upgrading its knowledge about the industry,

Any particular machine/technology showcased here at Labelexpo Europe that you feel is outstanding?
There are many such technologies which have impressed me but can't single any one out with a mention.

Two trends most talked about are inkjet for label and linerless solution, what's your take on these?
One year back at Drupa we invested in a Xeikon digital press. We are happy that we have a early adopter advantage. In fact, we are planning to set up another plant very soon specifically focused on digital.

Linerless is really going to be the future.

A printer from Dubai told us that some recent regulations would affect the business operating in Dubai negatively because the cost of labour would surge. How true is this?
I have been operating from Dubai since last several decades but if I have to shift the business to invest in India, I would not because of the lack of infrastructure issues. We believe a printer's job is to print and not look at other aspects. For that, we need to have better infrastructure in the country.

How has been the year 2013 for your company?
Even though there were clouds of recession affecting the global market, we have been able to continue with positive growth. The market is picking up again now, and we are more than sure that our business would proportionately improve too.