Vineet Gehani: There’s a considerable shift in the demand for digital printing solutions

Vineet Gehani, director, technology and channels, Xerox India, shares the new avenues of digital printing during Pamex 2020.

08 Jan 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Vineet Gehani, director, technology and channels, Xerox India

PrintWeek (PW): How did Xerox do since the previous edition of the Pamex show?

Vineet Gehani (VG): Since the last Pamex, we have witnessed significant developments at Xerox. To strengthen our product portfolio, we have launched devices across different segments — entry, mid and high — showing our commitment towards different players in the market. This is followed by the launch of our marquee product, Iridesse production press, which enables customers to explore the world beyond CMYK, helping them achieve efficiency in their work and boost their revenue. In addition to this, our Versant series has also received an extremely positive response from the costumers, helping them achieve superior image quality, more considerable media latitude, and efficient duty cycles for more productivity and performance. We look forward to maintaining the same momentum this year. We have also collaborated with EFY and launched the all new Color profiler suite with Fiery EDGE technology for the photo market to enhance photo quality. With EFI Color profiler suite that comes with new EFI Fiery EDGE technology, Xerox customers are better equipped to cater to the photobook and wedding album segment.

PW: What are the significant changes you have noticed during Pamex 2020 compared to previous editions?

VG: There is a considerable shift in the demand for digital printing solutions. Five years ago, printers operated with huge volumes undertaking single job on their machinery. Over the years, a plethora of changes have taken place where run lengths have decreased with reduced volumes making it challenging for offset printing to function. This has resulted in a higher demand for digital printers, which can help manage short-runs with a quick output. The digital printing industry is set to witness further growth with a higher adoption rate. Observing the same demand, we are showcasing a strong portfolio of digital printing solutions that caters to the printer’s requirement.

PW: What critical feedbacks you are working on from your existing installations?

VG: At Xerox, we have been extremely cautious in terms of our offerings and understanding what the consumer wants in today’s time. We are committed to delivering sophisticated product and technology solutions that would enable our clients to not only save costs but also boost productivity and improve their overall business efficiency with our range of smart devices.

PW: New technologies in pre-press and finishing, substrate and inks are enhancing the functionality of printing jobs. What significant improvements that you would like to talk about your solutions?

VG: Traditionally print has been associated with CMYK, but the rapid shift towards digital print and enhancements has given rise to a demand for a new range of colours, specifically metallic and White Dry Ink.

In the present environment, printers use specialty dry inks to innovate. Xerox’s specialty dry inks have been a game-changer in the business ever since. It is our constant effort to provide our customers with various business avenues to achieve higher revenues.