Venugopal Nair: Print will survive tough times

Sterling Print House is a Kochi-based printing company, which focuses on commercial and packaging printing. Venugopal Nair strongly believes that print will survive tough times in his city.

17 Jun 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Venugopal Nair of Sterling Print House, Kochi

Q: How did you stay in touch with your staff during the lockdown?
We have roughly 150 people, with whom I connect through WhatsApp.

Q: Describe the work your firm does
Commercial and packaging printing.

Q: One top job that built your reputation...
Malayala Manorama books.

Q: One compliment from a customer...
It was for the magazines. “Its world class.”

Q: Which territories do you serve?

Q: Which type of markets do you serve?
Book publishers and production units.

Q: What equipment do you run?
RMGT Offset S.

Q: The first kit you will invest in 2020/2021...
QC checking.

Q: What’s the USP of your factory operations?
Good spirited execution.

Q: Something out-of-the box that print can do, which could benefit the planet...
Plastic replacement.

Q: Your proudest achievement...
Most Resilient Printer Award - National.

Q: Where do you see print in your city in five years’ time?
Print will survive tough times.

Trivia Time

One trivia about Kochi’s history...
It’s a very expensive city.

Nair’s favourite song during the lockdown...
Ruk jana nahi tu kahin haarke...