Venkatraman: Kerala has print potential

Ganesan Venkataraman, the assistant general manager – equipment sales, with nearly two decades of sales experience handles the Tamil Nadu and Kerala region for Heidelberg India. An avid music enthusiast and traveler, he started his career with pre-press sales and moved into other divisions too. His thoughts about the Heidelberg market in Kerala, anicolor and print during the Print Miracle Expo at Kochi

12 Jan 2015 | By Sriraam Selvam

Heidelberg in Kerala:

Heidelberg has a major market share in Kerala for new sheeted press solution. As far as the market potential is concerned, I feel that Kerala still has lot of potential. In my opinion we need to look at “growing the cake instead of sharing the cake".

I mean, one has to constantly explore international and other peripheral markets as Kerala printers are equipped with top class, state-of-the-art printing machinery coupled with advanced pre-press solutions with web connectivity.

Today, Heidelberg has an impressive roster of clients in Kerala. Other than Fivestar Offset, these are: Divine Printers (SM 74 - 4); St Francis Press (SM 52-4); Benzy Prints  (SM 74 – 4); Varna Graphics (PM 74 -4); SN Offset Printers (SM 52 – 4); Maya Printers  (PM 74 - 4), Manappuram Offset Printers (SM 74 -4) and Anaswara Offset  (SM 74 4+L SE).

In addition there are three print firms in Kollam: Koppara Enterprises   (Printmaster GTO 52 – 4); Sujilee Color  (SM 74 – 4) and Mata Amruthanandamayi (PM 74-4).

Heidelberg's success rate in Kerala is satisfying news. 

I would attribute the success mainly due to right sizing with efficient cost allocation in all areas pertaining to business development. 

Heidelberg performance:

Adding to the above, Heidelberg picked the right technology, strong and reliable partners to be able to operate on a competitive level in the market. We could also expand our product portfolio to address the growing segment across the globe.

Having said that, Heidelberg not only focused on technology driven product but also on customer support, training and by providing finance support etc. and this has yielded results …

How to select a press:

Today, I feel, every machine has its own advantages, strengths and uniqueness.

I feel that choosing the right product is customer’s choice but as a supplier we need to ultimately address and satisfy customer’s need as a whole … eventually customers keep us in business …

Conference in Kochi:

During the recently hosted conference at Kochi we presented data by collecting actual spare parts procurement data from Heidelberg users.

We had presented the cost per sheet calculation on maintenance based on the various inputs provided by our customers. Finally, the users were convinced.

All about maintenance:

Every print owner has to invest in maintenance and spare time for periodical maintenance. This is the only way to keep the machine in good condition. Also, it ensures less downtime and creates best value out of it.

Heidelberg charges as per the man hours not based on the number of colour or the sizes.  

As you are aware TOK is no longer in our manufacturing range, still we do the services and provide spare parts for the same and that is the reason customers opt for our products due to longevity, reliability  and availability of spare parts apart from deriving premium quality.

FInance schemes:

In India, Heidelberg shall explore and look at providing cost effective solution to smaller machines on case to case basis without affecting the customer’s financial plan …

Yes! Heidelberg does have exclusive product specialists to facilitate customer finance.

We have tied up with NBFCs and other leading financial institutions to provide quick, efficient and cost effective solution based on the customer’s credential.

Anicolor in India:

Anicolor technology has finally arrived in the Indian market.

We are in a unique position because of our knowhow in offset technologies which has helped us in digital printing.

The Speedmaster SX 52 Anicolor is a zone-less short inking unit with dampening system.

Anicolor reduces paper wastage by 90 % and its productivity enhanced by 50% compared to that of conventional press.

To be more precise, customers can get “top offset quality at digital prices”

Only recently, PrintWeek India's Rushikesh Aravkar did a case study of the machine at Prakash Offset, Mangalore. As Aravakar will testify this installation was a great success.