UV case-study: SS Print & Pack

SS Print & Pack, a garment box specialist, has three UV lamps from Alpna. Ishaant Jain of SS Print & Pack, the second-generation of family owned business says the printing market is booming from October 2019 and the company is getting huge amount of work.

08 Feb 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

(l-r) Ishaant and Sushil Jain of SS Print & Pack

“MetPET is trending again and people are adopting the product,” Jain says, adding, “MetPET is a non-absorbent substrate and UV-LED is the only solution to print on it. Our ratio of normal to MetPET printing has gone from 70:30 to 50:50. Earlier, we were facing limitations because of the unavailability of LED UV coatings. Right now, we are using LED UV printing inks and curing and UV coatings. We have opted for UV coatings instead of LED UV because of higher cost of LED UV coatings.”

The company has now diversified into mobile accessories and is also looking at the bindi market. Pharma is another segment where SS Print & Pack is focusing. “We opted for Alpna because of its reputation as a leading UV-LED/UV equipment supplier. We are getting the similar satisfaction in UV from Alpna that we got from AMS in LED. We are printing around 60,000 sheets in a 12-hour shift and around 35,000 sheets are UV coated. We have small-run length in UV jobs,” he concludes.

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