Update on products from India

News from Indian companies like Grafica Flextronica, Seven-11, Tech Master, Sodhisons, Acme, Renuka, TechNova and San Printech.

25 May 2011 | By Sachin Shardul

Twin offers from Grafica Flextronica

Grafica Flextronica has a twin offer for the Indian print firm. The offer provides opportunity to buy a Nano-Print, Nano-Print plus or any other screen printing machines from the firm’s stable.

The end users can avail a 50% discount coupon on TechNova’s inkjet films PosiJet QD worth Rs 15,000 on purchase of Epson T1100 positive making system.

Besides this, Grafica provides a screen making trial kit for Rs 5,000 free of cost. The kit contains Ulano gel, all purpose ink wash and Ulano QX emulsion among others.

The discount coupon is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase of this printer from TechNova and is valid for all the Grafica users.

Seven-11 offers screen printing products
Seven-11 Industries, a part of Saill Colours and Chemicals (SCC) will offer an array of products under the brand name Sheel Cote. The Sheel Cote range of products include photo screen emulsion- Graphic 999, ST 009, direct and indirect film, de-coating powder and stencil removal liquid.

The products are formulated to higher solid content, better resolution and provide long run ability, cleanliness and are applicable for graphics, paper among others.

SCC has one of the biggest and oldet ATM ink centres and ink kitchens in Daman. The company has recently ventured into the manufacturing of Sheel Cote range of screen printing products.

Saill Colours and Chemicals recently celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Tech Master launches Excel M26 and A01

Tech Master Enginnering, the Vadodara-based finishing machine manufacturer has recently launched Excel M26 fully automatic gumming and perforating machine for inland letters and Excel A01 fully automatic envelope making machine.

Jayesh Gandhi, managing director of Tech Master Engineering, says: "This is a game changing moment for us. Both the products are reasonably priced in order to be competitive against the Chinese products."

Sodhisons installs more than 2,000 Crosograph machines

Sodhisons Mechanical Works, the Delhi-based manufacturer of Crosograph die-cutter and foil stampers has installed more than 2,000 Crosograph machines of different sizes.

Acme bolsters its presence in Indore

Acme Machinery, the manufacturer of corrugated paper box, print finishing, paper bag and excerise notebook machines has been the choice of Indore-based printers for its folder-gluer machines.
Shiv Offset India, the Indore-based, packaging printers has invested in four Acme folder-gluers.

Jiten Shadija, director at Shiv Offset India, says: "The performance level of Acme folder-gluers is at par with the other options available in the print market."

Acme machinery has sold more than 300 carton folder-gluers in the domestic and 60 in the international market. Shubhan Prints, the Jaipur-based printer has invested in a carton folder-gluer during the PrintPack India 2011.

TechNova offers full spectrum of screen printing solution
TechNova Imaging Systems are offering screen products. The company’s total screen solutions was on view during the three-day roadshow in Aurangabad, Pune and Nashik. To-date TechNova has notched up 10 installations.

According to Abhay Kasture, product manager, screen print solutions, TechNova: "We are offering emulsions, a range of phthalate free diazo and polymer emulsions along with single pot photopolymer ready-to-use emulsions."

Besides this, TechNova also offers chemicals, inkjet and laser media along with dye sublimation heat transfer paper.

Renuka installs 208 estimation and 39 MIS solutions

Renuka Softtec, the Indore-based software developer has installed 39 MIS softwares and 208 estimation softwares.

Gulzar Presswalla, managing partner at Renuka Softtec, says: "We are progressing steadily. The industry has responded to us, positively. We are not in a race to be number one. We would like to trade cautiously and sensibly."

Some of the print companies like Pragati Offset in Hyderabad, HBD Packaging in Delhi, Nebula in Goa, York Prints in Guwhati, Kohinoor in Puducherry and Global Packaging in Bengaluru are using Renuka Softtec softwares.

San Printech joins hands with Swiss-based Schmid Rhyner
San Printech has recently inked an alliance with Schmid Rhyner, the Swiss-based manufacturers of regular and special varnishes for print finishing. Schmid Rhyner are manufacturers of regular and special varnishes for print finishing.

Mumbai-based San Printech, which is headed by Ashok Newaskar are suppliers of screen print consumables: Fimor, Kiwo, Encres Dubuit, and Sefar.

Indian manufacturers to provide variety of modern label presses

With Nilpeter-Proteck having entered the high end of Indian manufactured presses, local manufacturers now provide a good variety of modern label presses in terms of technology and sophistication.
The Indian manufacturers are Jandu, Multitec, Nilpeter India, RK Engineers, and Webtech.

Multitec has had the strongest showing in the past year with installs both in India and several presses exported to Africa. This year, Multitec will sell the most narrow web label presses of any Indian manufacturer and is likely to double its machine exports.

Another significant player in the coming year will be Webtech who will offer three types of label presses that have already achieved installation in the past year — a mid web combination press with variable cut-off casettes, a narrow web ‘modular’ flexo press, and finally a 10-inch wide CI flexo press.