Unique roundtable by Mumbai Mudrak Sangh

On 7 April 2016, the Mumbai Mudrak Sangh is hosting a Power-Lunch Round Table Meeting as part of the Printer’s Day celebration.

25 Mar 2016 | By Tushar Dhote

The roundtable at the Garware Club House in Mumbai, is conceptualised to explore the opportunities across the various segments of printing with the three parties - the machine manufacturer, the print expert and five printers.
The closed door conversation will see Jehangir Surti of Prodon Enterprises speak about commercial printing, Phiroze Havaldar of Mazda Imaging on commercial digital printing, Kamlakar Wadekar of Ace on value addition in screen printing, Amit Shah of Spectrum Scan on POS and indoor media, Khushru Patel of Jak Printers on books, Denver Annunciation of Janus International Labels, Ramesh Kejriwal of Parksons Packaging on the packaging industry, and Shailesh Sharma of Indus Cards & Gifts on web2print.
The main aim of the meet is to have a closed door conversation along with six members on the table who will pick each one's brains as an industry leader and a technology expert about building the print brand.
The roundtable format curated with the help of my senior colleagues at Mumbai Mudrak Sangh is simple.
 - To have a freewheeling Q&A
- A member of the MMS or BMPA (our partners) will be present at the table to moderate the session in order to to guarantee that the conversation is democratic
- Mumbai Mudrak Sangh shall create a Google / WA group which will ensure the group members can stay in touch with each other
So, why are we doing this?
It’s easy to let cynicism and pessimism creep into the most upbeat of minds residing in the intensely competitive print and packaging landscape in India today.
We are trying to have none of that in our discussions. We are hoping the knowledge sharing is genuine and will benefit all stakeholders. More importantly, we hope the 90-minute discussion provides food for thought for the young print owners.
Which is why there are five rounds of discussion.
First round: This will be a short presentation by the print leader about how, in spite of all the doom and gloom these days, it is an incredibly exciting and fascinating time to be in the print business.
Second round: The technology related questions which include sharing of learnings while investing, EPCG schemes, does one invest and create a market or vice versa, etc.
Third round: The business related questions related to green awareness, certifications; and accreditations, etc.
Fourth round: Here the print expert will share top five innovations which the company has created in the past 12 months.
Fifth round: Drupa: who is travelling and what is the plan? One of the many things that's fascinating about our industry is that these big events come and go and the world moves on. The show at Dusseldorf is not the first such event nor will it be the last. What to expect - and what not to expect.
If the format works on 7 April, print associations across India can replicate it in their respective cities.
In addition to the MMS and BMPA, the associations who are supporting this event are LMAI and SPAI.