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Amit Khurana of TechNova explains about TechNova Imaging EcoSystem (TIE) to Rahul Kumar

27 Sep 2019 | By PrintWeek India

The TechNova Imaging Systems team during Wan-Ifra 2018

TechNova launched its ambitious TIE, TechNova Imaging EcoSystem, for its newspaper customers during Wan-Ifra India 2018. This year, during Wan-Ifra India 2019, to be held in Delhi on 18 and 19 September, the company will elaborate on the enhanced portfolio of TIE, from pre-press and press consumables and CTP systems, to digital print media and digital printing systems, to workflows, software and value-added services.

“TIE is TechNova’s endeavour to offer its customers a ‘unified experience’ beyond products and services,” says Amit Khurana, COO, newspaper group, TechNova Imaging Systems. “With TIE, TechNova helpsnewspapers to ‘connect all the dots’ in pre-press, pressroom and post-press, with products, equipment, services, advisory, inventory management and transactional efficiencies, giving customers a single touchpoint for all their requirements.”

Khurana adds, “Uniting all of TechNova’s businessesis its value system, a strict code of ethics, a commitment to excellence, business conduct based on honesty, fairness and mutual trust, and a customer firstphilosophy.”

Three main pillars of TechNova Imaging EcoSystem (TIE) for newspapers are breakthrough products, innovative value-added solutions and support services.

Breakthrough products
Since its launch in 2010, more than 70% of Indian newspaper market has shifted to TechNova’s VioGreen chem-free violet CTP plates. This eliminates water and chemistry, reduces electricity consumption, reduces maintenance of processors and most importantly, improves print quality due to fewer process variables.

The Avatar V-ZH Violet CTP plate requires zero heat for plate production. This, in turn, reduces investment cost, saves energy and floor space. Newspapers can streamline production processes further and reduce machine maintenance and servicing.

The Avatar T-ZP is a thermal zero-process plate for both the commercial and newspaper segments. Its key features include expose and go DOP, lowest cost-in-use, outstanding image contrast, fastest clean-up, ultra-long run lengths and UV ink compatible

Other breakthrough products from the TechNova stable are its pre-press systems. In alliance with leading companies likes Agfa and G&J, TechNova provides the Indian newspaper printers a comprehensive portfolio of CTP hardware and software along with TechNova plates and chemicals.

In association with Glunz & Jensen, TechNova offers InterPlater 85/125P HDX, which are setting new processing standards for high-end users, and Raptor Plus 85P, compact, high-quality processing of polymer plates.

TechNova and PCO Eastgate, Malaysia have partnered to offer PCO products in India. “This alliance is an important breakthrough as it strengthens the position of both the companies in the Indian market and makes high quality products availableto Indian newspapers,” Khurana says.

The Imprint range of printing blankets, being manufactured for the first time in India by MRT, is being marketed by TechNova. The unique features of the Imprint range are cost-effectiveness, local availability, comprehensive range and durability. “The TechNova–MRT alliance is well-complimented for the newspaper industry,” says Khurana. “This not only helps TechNova’s ongoing effort of becoming a one-stop portal for its customers but also enhances MRT’s endeavour to touch a wider customer base with its unique offering.”

TechNova has also entered into a marketing agreement with Sigma to step into the Rollers market. TechNova’s role in this alliance is to help boost the business and become a dependable single window as a solutions provider.

Innovative value-added solutions
TechNova offers Arkitex, a unique system-wide publishing workflow solution from Agfa, specially designed to meet and exceed the needs of newspaper production houses.
News Hub Media (NHM), a leading technology supplier for the media industry, develops and integrates automated software solutions, with an understanding of custom and critical business operations. TechNova has been successfully marketing its products, such as GoMediaHub, Ark and SUITE in India.

Wan-Ifra India 2019 to focus on excellence in challenging times

The 27th edition of the annual Wan-Ifra India 2019 Conference, the largest gathering of news publishers in South Asia, will be held at The Leela Ambience, Gurugram, on 18 and 19 September 2019.

Organised by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers and co-sponsored by Indian Newspaper Society, the theme for this year’s conference will be ‘Driving revenue and excellence in challenging times.’

Featuring two parallel events, Advertising Summit and Printing Summit, the event will see the attendance of more than 300 senior publishing executives from over 25 countries. While the experts will share about innovations transforming the global media industry, there will also case studies and best practices directly relevant to local media operations.

The MonoSpray system eliminates the inherent inefficiencies and limitations of brush dampening systems such as lack of fine control on spraying, wastage of water, accumulation of ink, oil, paper fluff, algae formation in the chiller and pipes, and higher power consumption. The system can be installed on all kinds of coldset and heatset machines

Shree Refrigeration and TechNova have successfully installed more than 100 spray dampening systems at Indian newspapers.

TechNova had tied up with SERI to offer eco-technology based ETP/STP systems in India. SERI system works on a simple concept of biological treatment of waste using soil scrap filtration technology. The biological treatment is done through use of soil organisms like bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, protozoas, earthworms, nematodes, etc called organotreat.

Printing one edition of a newspaper means that hundreds of pressready plates must be prepared within a very short period of time. TechNova and Tarng Yung (TY) have tied up in Indian market for optical register punching, bending and pre-press automation systems support for newspaper printers. “TechNova offers an entire range of solution from TY, from basic punch and bend to fully automated systems to connecting multiple CTP lines with multiple conveyors, plate barcode systems, etc,” Khurana explains.

Support Services
“We have the largest application, tech-support and engineering team in India, supporting the largest installed base of CTP systems in the country,” Khurana says. “Our team of dedicated experts assist newspapers in trouble-shooting, standardisation, and adopting new technologies.”

The newspaper printing industry is a fast-paced and deadline driven industry. Mishaps resulting from unguarded printing machinery, use of chemicals or any other hazards in the often-constrained confines of the press are a major cause of concern to employers as well as press-operators and others in the organisation.

TechNova’s Safety Awareness Module on making print safeis a value-added service, to help newspapers achieve the goal of optimum working conditions within the orgainisation. “With basic precautions and a proper understanding of safety, it helps make newspaper pressrooms better work places, with respect to safety, environmental issues and health aspects,” says Khurana.

Energy conservation is need of an hour and all of us need to preserve every unit of energy for generations to come. TechNova offers Energy Audit Services and Energy Conservation Workshops to Indian newspapers for achieving optimum energy efficiency. These services include identification of energy wastages and higher equipment losses, power quality and harmonic analysis, earthing & thermography audit of electrical distribution system. During the audit, the entire electrical distribution system health is assessed from maintenance and safety point of view


SmartJet inkjet CTP system

Cost of ownership of the SmartJetsolution is very attractive due to one fifth investment on capital equipment compared to a CTP system. SmartJet’s throughput of around 22 plates per hour has significantly enhanced productivity. The system is easy to use and maintain.
RC Malhotra, Indian Express

Eco-technology for effluent and sewage treatment
For many years, finding a green process for managing our plant waste has been a challenge. SERI came as a pleasant surprise to us.We are confident that this would be a big step by any newspaper or a printing press to reduce carbon foot print and make the environment cleaner to breathe around us, in times to come.
Kartik Alapati, Kala Jyoti

As a part of our vendor development initiative, and to reduce our dependability on international suppliers for optimising lead time, we at Bhaskar Group, decided to work very closely with TechNova and MRT. Today, our large requirement is being catered to by MRT.
Dinesh Sharma, DB Corp

Avatar TZP processless thermal plate
Being among the few newspapers with thermal DOP, it’s really fulfilling to have a product with fast clean up and fewer restarts day in and day out with sustainable dot till the end of production. High sensitivity makes Avatar TZP consume less energy, offering real productivity and ecology benefits without compromising on durability.
Pradeep Unny, Amar Ujala

We were the first newspaper in India who had chosen to go on violet technology in 2003. All our print locations are currently on chem-free violet plates. Violet CTP technology has more than met our expectations.
V Srinivas,Deccan Herald

We have bought two high-speed Punch-n-Bend systems from TechNova. It was a customisation project which started with the visit of the technical team from TY and TechNova and then the specialist team installed two TY-800AOL with latest software and modified two-way and three-way conveying systems followed by synchronised bar coding along with baskets, conveying modes and stackers of each conveyor line.
Sanjay Wagle, Sakal Group

The decision to go for violet technology was primarily driven by strengths of the technology, local availability and the excellent 24x7 after-sales service support by TechNova. We are very happy with overall performance of the platesetter, chem-free VioGreen plates and tech support and handholding.
Rakesh Bhandari, Rajasthan Patrika

Advantage N high speed violet platesetter
We have been using AGFA platesetters for more than a decade now.So when the time came for multiple editions and more number of plates in the last hour, it was imperative to look at high throughput machines with durability, consistency and stability.Thus, trusting TechNova’sengineering and services support, we have opted for the high speed Advantage N XT engines
Neeraj Mahajan, Lokmat

Avatar V-ZH zero pre-heat violet plate
We have just started trials of Avatar VZH plates.It is quite a promising and forward-looking technology. With zero pre-heat, it will give a push to our sustainability and overall green initiatives, coupled with enormous tangible and intangible savings.
Snehasis Roy, BCCL

Safety Services
Safety is one of the most important aspects in our day-to-day life whether it is on the floor or off the floor.TechNova has been supporting us with fire safety audits on need basis and these have helped us in many ways to bring awareness. It alsobrings an outside-in perspective to understand the gaps and benchmark best practices.
Rajendra Pillewar, Lokmat

BCCL has installed the Veripress soft proofing software in a string of its production plants. With Veripress one can simulate similar results through configuration of LAB values with characteristics of inks and paper and present it on an electronic display in such a way that this combination should look exactly similar to a real print.
Tushar Biliye, BCCL

Thermal to violet chem-free
We print from six different locations in Bihar and Jharkhand and primarily on violet chem-free technology, except one location, which is on thermal. Violet chem-free plates are far more superior in terms of overall robustness and ease of handling.
RKDutta, Prabhat Khabhar